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Grab Your FREE One-Click Christmas Gifts

It is Christmas time, a time for gifts. This one is FREE to anyone who wants to click on the FREE one-click Christmas PDF gifts. Yes, there are more than one. Maybe even more than two… Continue reading Grab Your FREE One-Click Christmas Gifts

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Pumpkin Cake-Batter Delight

I love pumpkin anything!!! Pumpkin cheesecake is one of my favorites, but the dairy and gluten are not part of my healthy diet at the moment.  I love the creamy and smooth texture and taste of dairy, so I had to get around the dilemma. I combined a couple of ideas I found and invented a Pumpkin Cake-Batter Delight. No cooking, no dairy, no gluten, tons of creamy, rich taste. I even discovered a “crunch” for the crust.

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Brownie Mix Gone Healthy

Embarrassed to admit I used to eat raw brownie mix from a box. There, I said it out loud. Now that I have moved far beyond the junk in my life, I have stumbled into the sweet memory of uncooked brownie mix licked from the spoon. Okay….. devouring the whole bowl, shhh don’t tell. Enjoy the transition and the sweet memories in a healthy way… Continue reading Brownie Mix Gone Healthy

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Non-Alcohol Party Drink, Biofilm Buster

This one is beyond wild. If you are ill and feeling left out from the fun alcohol drinks, try this wild twist. I accidentally discovered this one while trying to trick myself with a fun delight. It worked, this drink is a wow!! And it comes from this beautiful plant, Cistus incanus (or “Pink Rockrose”).  Continue reading Non-Alcohol Party Drink, Biofilm Buster

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Wake Up To Coffee Mania

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. Over 400 billion cups of coffee is thought to be consumed every year. Are you addicted to a poison or are you activating your body to prepare for the day’s journey?

Waking up to “coffee facts allows us to make knowledgeable choices. There is science-based research supporting and discrediting coffee. How are you going to know what is best for your particular body? Waking up to knowing our own bodies allows us to make wise choices. Continue reading Wake Up To Coffee Mania

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Valentine’s Hibiscus

Stop and see Hibiscus’ beautiful deep pinks and reds. The colors change as the flower blooms and then as it dries. You might call it lipstick-pink to ruby-red or some may say maroon-colored. Use this delicious color for the mood of Valentine’s Day.

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Kidney Health Lifestyle

Food for health is a ball, and tasty. We can support and cleanse/flush our kidneys with appropriate pure foods. I especially like foods that support the kidneys, calming the adrenals at the same time.  Continue reading Kidney Health Lifestyle

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So Many Teas, Flavors, Benefits

Most of us have had tea and enjoy our favorites. It is fun to explore and see where our taste buds take us. Tea comes in so many flavors and so many health benefits that there are unending possibilities. Continue reading So Many Teas, Flavors, Benefits

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Infused Tea Water

Hydration is essential but can get quite boring if you do not like water. I love water but drink so much of it that I was ready for something new. I made an infused water last night that was a delight to have ready and waiting for me this morning. Continue reading Infused Tea Water