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Avocado Addict, Real Food for Real Health

Avocado addict, real food, a fruit

Avocados are more of a texture than a taste. The creamy healthy fat can enhance everything from smoothies, to brownies, to spices in guacamole, to dressings or salads. The list is never-ending because avocados become a lifestyle and find their way into everything, even our face masks and eye-makeup remover.

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Cherry Smoothie For Fun And Super Nutrients

cherry smoothie

Cherry smoothies make my mouth water. Add cacao and it is a delight fit for royalty – YOU. While you are chronically ill, you can make simple meals that are beautiful, tasty and chalked full of nutrients to support your body. Come on, pick your favorite glass, whether it is a mason jar or fine crystal, a cherry smoothie looks mouthwatering…

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Brownie Mix Gone Healthy

Embarrassed to admit I used to eat raw brownie mix from a box. There, I said it out loud. Now that I have moved far beyond the junk in my life, I have stumbled into the sweet memory of uncooked brownie mix licked from the spoon. Okay….. devouring the whole bowl, shhh don’t tell. Enjoy the transition and the sweet memories in a healthy way… Continue reading Brownie Mix Gone Healthy

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Chocolate & Cranberries for Christmas

Oh, my stars this looks good. That layer of cranberry sauce between sweet luscious chocolate cake layers, oh my. Are you on a gluten-free dairy-free processed-sugar-free diet? This can still work for you too. There are SO many ways to have sweet chocolate and a bite of tart cranberries.  Continue reading Chocolate & Cranberries for Christmas

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Crazy Amazing Chocolate Pudding

Yes, I am highly suggesting we eat chocolate pudding. No, I am not talking about some kind of low-fat tasteless carton brand filled with health-destroying ingredients. Instead am talking about the smooth, creamy, sweet and satisfying kind. What if we could have a chocolate pudding that was even more luscious, even more, rich-tasting and chocolaty than our fondest memories? You can be a health nut and even a vegan and enjoy this crazy amazing chocolate pudding. I have never had a chocolate pudding better than this.  Continue reading Crazy Amazing Chocolate Pudding

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Amazing Hot Chocolate

Have you ever had an amazing cup of hot chocolate? Has it become a comfort food that you cannot live without? There is no point in depriving yourself of something as tasty and comforting as hot chocolate. There are very simple ways to make it that keep you warm, healthy and taste buds happy. Continue reading Amazing Hot Chocolate

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Chocolate Health Delight

Most of us love chocolate and are not giving it up. Now that the health benefits of eating quality dark chocolate are coming to light, my love affair with it is reaching new levels. I no longer tell myself that it is wrong or bad or unhealthy or anything that will stress me out over the healthiest taste of delight I know.  Continue reading Chocolate Health Delight