Lyme Disease

There is life after Lyme!! I have had Lyme Disease since I was a young child. Once diagnosed, I have been able to deal with the disease. It is treatable, one may be healed from it.

Therefore Lyme Disease sufferers are near and dear to my heart. As with any disease, there are resources, solutions and a way to discover the deep soul lessons one can learn from such an experience.

Please contact me for more information on Lyme Disease or for more support through your journey with it.

All of my health coaching clients who have Lyme Disease receive “Lyme Benefits.” This particular disease is crazy expensive to treat. I will help in any way I am able with the expenses.

300,000+ people are infected with Lyme disease each year. Most without a bull’s eye rash or tick bite to help with diagnosis, and the symptoms are easily misread.

Addressing the Why of Lyme Disease – Root Causes

Many “attack” Lyme disease. It is a typical first response. Yet, it does not change the environment in which the body allowed Lyme to thrive. Once we all slow down and ask “why” the body allowed the Lyme in the first place, we are able to find the root cause.

Root causes can be from a low immune system. So, WHY does one have a low immune system? Root causes can be from inflammations gone amuck. So, WHY did someone get inflammation gone amuck?

As we find the root cause of Lyme we usually discover parasites. Yes, we all have some level of parasites as gross as it sounds. In many, the parasites can be the root cause of Lyme. The parasites hold on to / hide the Lyme making it hard to treat by conventional methods. Addressing the parasites creates an environment in the body that is more inhospitable for Lyme.

As the body becomes inhospitable to parasites, Lyme, and other pathogens, the immune system kicks in better and start doing its job more effectively clearing out even more invaders.

When parasites are addressed as a root cause, it is easier to move the body into a state which is inhospitable to Lyme and other diseases. Instead of attacking a disease, we create a healthy environment inside the body.

I have experienced both: attacking Lyme and not fully recovering and then backing up and getting to the root cause, parasites. As this specific parasite cleanse works systemically in the body, it created the inhospitable environment to escort the Lyme out as well. CellCore has cutting-edge products that cleanse, repair and restore like nothing I have experienced.

The CellCore protocol has helped many people get their lives back. If you are one with Lyme disease, you know the years that can easily slip by with no results. You know the expense of trying different protocols that keep people on a rollercoaster of ups and downs with the disease.

I am one of the CellCore Practitioners and not only have gone through the program myself, but I also use the CellCore protocol on clients with Lyme and other diseases. Contact me for more information. I provide FREE health coaching for anyone purchasing the protocol through me.

Favorite Doctors for Lyme:

Dr. Jay Davidson is well known for his contribution to the Lyme society. He has produced a “Chronic Lyme Disease Summit” for the last few years. 2016 he interviewed 33 Lyme Literate Health Care Professionals for the summit and 2017 he has 35 interviews. The wealth of information is astounding. The cost of the summit is $99. That pays for 33+ doctor’s appointments!! The more educated you become, the less you are spending on fixing Lyme Disease.

Dr. Todd Watts is a fascinating intelligent Lyme doctor treating many with great success. He is the creator and co-owner of CellCore (which is the same product as Microbe Formulas).

Stevia May Kill Lyme Disease

Lyme Pyroluria

Great article on Lyme Pyroluria

Encouraging Lyme Story

Lyme Story – Treatment, Hope & Success: It is over an hhour-long- SO worth it, every minute. I have used it as a MUST WATCH for my clients. This is an accurate picture of the life of a “Lyme.” Certainly, most of us did not have the financial support or family support that this young couple did. Be happy for them!! Use this moving story to see the hills, valleys and immense hope that there truly is.