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Drink Up, Drink Smart

clean smart water

Let’s be smart about the water we drink. We want the least amount of contaminates in our water, so be smart in your water choices!

SmartWater is available at most stores, whether you are in a grocery store or a convenience store, an airport or a bus station. It pretty much is everywhere in the U.S.

SmartWater – Lets clarify which of the SmartWater is ‘smart’ during this protocol. The blue label is ‘vapor distilled water.’ The black label is pH altered. Since part of efficacy of CellCore products is based off of pH, you do not want to be altering your pH during the protocol, because it alters the pH of the CellCore products.

No, this is not a huge big critical deal. But if you want the biggest bang for your buck choose blue label SmartWater (opposed to black label SmartWater that has altered pH).

Let’s say you are standing in a store and all they have is the black label and you are thirsty, grab it!! But if you have the choice, grab the blue label.

HYDRATION TRICK & TIP #1 – I choose to keep a case at my home/office so that I am picking up a bottle every time I walk out the door. My goal is to drink it before returning home.

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HYDRATION TRICK & TIP #2 – Plastic bottles are also a “contaminate” but while on CellCore products, they are detoxing plastics. Specifically BioToxin Binder is binding to plastics and helping your body detox them.

Why Does This Matter?

For those of you trying to get toxins out of your body, why would you keep pouring more in?? Yep, it is that simple.

We live in a time that has 86,000 registered chemicals in the U.S., per EPA. I’m not making this up. I know it seems impossible to be living with this many chemicals but this is what is creating the toxicity in humans (the root cause of symptoms, conditions, diseases).

TSCA plays the central role of regulating chemicals in the U.S., under the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). Section 8 (b) of the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) requires EPA to compile, keep current and publish a list of each chemical substance that is manufactured or processed, including imports, in the United States for uses under TSCA.

The initial reporting period by manufacturers, processors and importers was January to May of 1978 for chemical substances that had been in commerce since January of 1975. The Inventory was initially published in 1979, and a second version, containing about 62,000 chemical substances, was published in 1982. The TSCA Inventory has continued to grow since then, and now lists more than 86,000 chemicals.

EPA – Chemical Substance Inventory

There is no water test that tests for 86,000 chemicals. So… saying that you have had your water “tested” does not mean that your water has been tested for all 86,000 known chemicals. RO water (Reverse Osmosis) still has more chemicals and contaminates than distilled water.

EPA with the help of TSCA is monitoring the 86,000 chemicals. What about bacteria? What about parasites? What about other contaminates?

Keep Water Simple & Smart

Get smart! Don’t get stressed out and be fearful of water. Our bodies require water. For our bodies to function properly, we require hydration. When we are fearful, we tend to stop drinking water. Don’t go there.

Get smart!! Drink clean water. Although there is a lot of controversy over distilled water, it has the least contaminates. There is no getting around that fact so drink it!!

SmartWater, the brand name, is very convenient when you are out-and-about. It is at airports, bus stations, gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores. Purchase the blue label so that you are not getting the altered pH which changes the pH of the CellCore products.

CellCore is the base of the protocol I put my clients on. It is the protocol to get to the root causes. It is highly effective in removing toxins from the body which are the root causes of symptoms, conditions and disease.

Keep this simple. Drink water with the least contaminates (distilled or SmartWater). Get on CellCore products to detox your body of the toxins. This simple, yet brilliantly scientifically created protocol will significantly shift health.

Becoming aware (but not fearful) of our current planet’s toxicity empowers us to continue to do things for our health and wellness. Drink up, drink Smart!!!!

Need help navigating toxicity and shifting wellness? Contact Maribeth Baxter, CLS

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