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Troubles Are Like Solar Eclipses

2024 solar eclipse

Our troubles are like solar eclipses. They darken our days and they are out of proportion. So… the moon is significantly smaller than the sun. But during a solar eclipse, the moon gets in front of the sun and blocks most of the light from the sun while we stand on earth. This happens only because the moon is closer to us than the sun, making the moon appear bigger than it is. Our troubles feel and look bigger because they are close to us. But light is always coming up behind our troubles, just like a solar eclipse! Enjoy the hope of always knowing there is light behind every trouble, even when we cannot see it.

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Buckwheat, Gluten-Free and Good For the Heart

Buckwheat - Rutin for heart health & gluten-free

Real food continues to fascinate me. A Harvard study found that the Rutin, a flavonoid, in buckwheat has an antithrombotic property. In simple terms, it has anti-clotting properties. Rutin was at the top of the list of 5,000 compounds that had anti-clotting properties. Real food for real health. Since buckwheat is a seed from the rhubarb family and it is gluten-free and not officially a grain. It can be sprouted, it can be ground into flour, it can be eaten as morning porridge, kashi and so much more.

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Subconscious Cleansing Through Nightmares

Subconscious cleanse - detox trauma

While you are sleeping, your subconscious is detoxing and preparing you for the next day. Sleep is cleaning up your mind, brain and body. This mechanism is built in to clean up the imbalances that threatens your wellness. Toxic thoughts or events need to be processed. Our subconscious can work on the things that our conscious mind cannot handle yet. Nightmares and terrors can activate what needs to be detoxed. The subconscious mind will “sweep” the most toxic thoughts first, while asleep. Then the conscious mind, while awake, can process the info and get the toxic thoughts out of your body. Instead of “interpreting dreams,” try “detoxing through the subconscious.”

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Give Yourself Time to Heal

Give Yourself Time to Heal

We are all in such a rush to create change in everything, especially our health. Makes sense. We all want to feel better and have a more vibrant life now. It takes time and patience. I know, not popular words but the people who allow for true transformation give it the time it needs. Want to see some wellness results fast, do some basics and you will catapult yourself into the motivation to give yourself time for a lasting transformation.

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2021 Schedule Penciled In

pencil-in life for 2021

Back when we used paper and pencil for our calendars, we used a pencil to schedule in the unknown and a pen to schedule in the concrete plans. If I learned nothing else from 2020, I learned to create my entire 2021 calendar in pencil. 2020 has clearly reminded us that we are not in control of everything. Are you or have you been chronically ill? You are very familiar with this concept of life getting turned upside down. I personally am tired of hanging upside down by a thread. I have a better plan for 2021, pencil-in life!! It creates an open mindset for the unknown adventure to come.

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2020 Favor Over 2021 Fears

Happy New Year

No doubt, 2020 has been a year like no other in history, in many ways. We have seen loss and challenges and there have been struggles. But what about the favor that was there? What are the good things that we can identify from 2020 that will help us see that the fears of 2021 can be overcome? Seeing the 2020 favor helps us see the possibilities for 2021 without letting fear rule us. I found this empowering.

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Oral Surgery and Heart Failure

healthy mouth healthy body

After having heart failure the last time I was at the dentist, I was in no hurry to go back. Well, that seemed to make logical sense but it did not work out so well. We all need to take care of our oral health, even in the face of fear. I finally went back to the dentist to get caught up on years of oral infection that was holding back the last steps of my healing process. How did I put heart failure fear aside and step up for my health which reduced my risk for heart failure? Healthy mouth, healthy body!

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Give Healthy Smiles

give healthy smiles

I could use some more healthy smiles in my life, how about you? Not all smiles are the same. Have you ever received a “dominance” smile? It is derisive and signals feelings from the giver as being superior. Who wants to receive that kind of smile? I know I don’t. It’s Christmas time, time to be giving not domineering. Graciously give healthy kinds of smiles.

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