Hair Brain Idea

I have this hair brain idea – why don’t we brush our hair more often for better brains!! Brushing and combing our hair gets the blood flowing through our brain better which gets us thinking better which gets us moving towards greater health. Why wouldn’t we want to do this? It is so easy it is almost ridiculous. You can comb your hair in less than a minute to take a break from the computer. Gets the blood flowing better and you can get right back to concentrating harder at work.  Read more

Nose Above Water

When you fight the troubles that come with life, you can drown in them. How many times have you heard not to fight the person rescuing you when you are drowning? There is no possible way that anyone can have a perfectly happy life all of the time. There will be troubles, I can promise that one. Learning how to relax into these troubles make them easier to bear. So bob your nose above water, stop fighting, and relax into it. Read more

Great Hair, Great Brain

Don’t tell me I have to give up coloring my hair, not going to happen! The use of hair dyes is a modern-day phenomenon in America and Europe. Various data show 33-70% of women over the age of 18 and a minimum of 10% of men have joined the vanity train. Hair coloring has become so popular that it is barely given a thought by most. It is part of our schedule and we prioritize it right up there with breathing and eating. It makes our hair soft, shiny and vibrant in color, making us feel like we look better and giving us a bounce to our step. Who in their right mind would give that up? Not even a consideration for most of us. So how do we balance our health with our vanity? There are always ways to get around everything, even while maintaining our vanity comfort zones. If you are chronically ill, look at the facts and then look at the wonderful alternatives you have to keep coloring your hair.

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Smart vs Analog Meters – Your Health, Your Money

Chronically ill people are going to have to step up and check out their homes for smart meters. Smart meters are supposed to be “smart.” Do you believe everything you hear? We need to consider the source of who is telling us that they are smart and then activate our own brains to look at the facts. It never crossed my mind until I became chronically ill and could not recover from my illness to actually look into this. You may have a “smart meter” on your home, even without notification. Have you looked at your home electric meter? Do you know the health risks?

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Enough Headaches Already!

It is a rare human that does not have an occasional headache.  Bad headaches have been a part of my entire life. This last three weeks I have had one long headache with spikes of pain that sent me to my knees. It feels like I have lost 3 weeks of my life. I logically know that I have not but it sure feels like I have accomplished absolutely nothing for 3 full weeks. Now that I am starting to come out of the headache I am starting to look back on this time frame and determine what actually did occur besides pain. There just has to be something positive I can declare from the last 3 weeks.

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Rethinking Our Weakest Genetic Link

Our bodies have a genetic weakest link but that does not have to determine our fate. Now that we know tongue-rolling is not solely determined by genetics, let’s look at the biggest myth of all: our genes determine what diseases we will get during our lifetime. Genetics certainly is one factor but we have so much more control over our health than we give ourselves credit for. I hear it all of the time, “Such-and-such disease runs in my family so I will get it too.” This is not completely accurate and needs to be understood so more people can have a longer and better quality of life.

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Debunk Tongue-Rolling Myth

How many times have we been taught that tongue-rolling is genetic? Parents, friends, doctors, and teachers have been trying to convince us for decades. Family studies using twins demonstrated clearly that there are important non-genetic influences on tongue-rolling.

Sturtevant who completed the 1940 study suggesting that there is a large genetic influence on tongue-rolling came to a different conclusion after other studies were made. In 1965 he claimed we should not use tongue rolling to demonstrate basic genetics. In reference to his 1940 study, he said he was,  “embarrassed to see it listed in some current works as an established Mendelian case.” 

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