Relax in YOUR Cabin

Chronic illness and pain create so much stress that at some point we need to find a way to relax and chill. Many of you love cruises and can relax that way. I am not a cruise loving fan so I find other ways to dream about relaxing. A cabin in the mountains on a lake is my idea of a grand chill. Read more

Grow slow like a tree, not a flower

Humans are the most fascinating anything I have ever observed, at times reminding me of flowers and trees. Flowers are small and fragile but trees are mighty and strong. Flowers come and go, yet trees take decades to fully develop into a tower of beautiful strength. Flowers can get trampled although they provide temporary beauty, fragrance and sometimes food or medicine. Trees repeatedly adorn nature with scents, food and medicines. Both provide an array of incredible attributes too long to list. As humans, how do we grow?  Read more

Loneliness in Men

The recent mass shooting tragedy in Las Vegas brought this to my attention, loneliness in men. I am not a man so I don’t have that insight. The recent events revealed some interesting insight into trying to understand why men are struggling with this so much. I know as a female, I want a man who has friendships that contribute to his well-being.  Read more

The Best Dreams Come With OBSTACLES

The only dreams I know about that do not come with obstacles are the ones in Hollywood. As you work through your dreams, you will come across obstacles. It will slow you down, make you wonder, make you mad and for some of us, will make us fight even harder for what we want.  Read more

Setting Your Dream into Action

Now that you have a dream, one you really REALLY want, what do you do with it? How do you get a plan into action? Some people take baby steps and others put the rubber to the road and go full speed. The step of action is the hardest part for most. What is it that makes some take action and fulfill their dreams?  Read more

Dream Big, Set Goals, Take Action

Sounds so simple. I have had more dreams than one person should have been allowed. Dreaming is fun. That truly is the easy part. Setting goals and taking action is where it gets a little sticky. We have to be realistic and at the same time be willing to extend ourselves to be able to reach those fantastic dreams of ours. So, what is realistic?  Read more