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Making Time and Space for Quiet

shh quiet time

Our modern culture is usually filled with activity and noise. Do we know how to sit in quiet? I mean no noise except what naturally occurs around us. Can we do it? What could possibly be the benefit of quiet when the world culture has become so loud?

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Frozen Psychology

Frozen psychology, blue mind, rising above chronic illness

You know for a fact that we get stuck from time to time during chronic illness. We get stuck in physical and emotional realities that seem impossible to overcome. So how do we get unstuck? Some will actually take the frozen plunge into chilly waters, forcing a shock. Not me! But I have taken on the frozen psychology of cold showers to bust through some chronic illness struggles.

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How To Roll With Valentine’s Day For The Chronically Ill

Did you remember to wish yourself a happy Valentines Day? During chronic illness, we have got to remember to love on ourselves, a bunch. On this Valentines Day, my hope is that everyone who is chronically ill gives themselves some extra loving!!! Then, I hope each and every one of you reach out to someone else who may need encouragement, just because it is a loving thing to do. Let’s see who ends up feeling loved on Valentines Day. Gotta roll with what we have (not with what we don’t have).

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Warming Your Heart for Valentine’s Day

Has chronic illness made your heart frozen? What to do for Valentine's Day during chronic illness.

I’m sick, I can’t be warm and cuddly for Valentine’s Day. I’m chronically ill, it has worn me thin so I have nothing left to give. I don’t have anyone to warm my heart for, why bother? I know, Valentine’s Day can be a stinger while we are chronically ill. While dealing with the endless illness battles and disappointments our hearts can become frozen and lifeless. That’s why anyone who is ill may need a little lovin’ warming up…

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It’s a Snow Day – Enjoy, Even During Illness

Snow days for the chronically ill

Snow days can be super fun days for the chronically ill. Okay, so maybe not if you live in Alaska. I am talking about those of us who get the rare snow days. During chronic illness, that kind of contrast can create a really fun experience. It is the change, the excitement, that can get our attention. Anyone who has been ill for years knows how monotonous it gets. Just when we want to scream of boredom from the illness situation, a winter storm can be one of the most fun things to happen all year. And it takes no effort to experience it. You can do this one from bed if need be.

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National Poop Day 2020 Tail-Gate Party

National Poop Day, the day after the Super Bowl

Who would have thunk we could possibly come up with a National Poop Day. This event occurs the day after Super Bowl Sunday. In 2020, this is February 3rd. TODAY. Since we become reckless in our eating for the Super Bowl, let’s celebrate with poop-health by having a tailgate party…

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Surprise! This is a Treat

Wellness Surprise!

I love a good surprise. During chronic illness, we need all the treats we can get. I get so giddy with this kind of stuff…

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Full Moon Challenge February 2020

Full Moon Challenge, Parasite Cleanse, February 2020

Time to get ready for the Full Moon Challenge. The next full moon will occur on February 9, 2020, at 2:33 AM ET and is called a Snow Moon. Parasites have become common because toxicity is more common. Parasites thrive in a toxic body. Parasite mobility is increased during the full moon allowing the cleanse to be most effectively timed. With a decrease in melatonin weakening the immune system and an increase in serotonin enabling parasite mobility, it’s the perfect time to provide your body with extra support to maximize true detox results. 

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Intermittent Fasting, Pros and Cons

Intermittent fasting, pro's and con's

There is no right diet for everyone, not even for those who are chronically ill. No doubt though that tweaking our diet one way or another can increase our health. Intermittent fasting is just one of many diet tools that might or might not fit your specific needs. Although I use it, love it, it simply is not right for everyone and I will tell you why.

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Dancing In The Rain

Blue-mind, dancing in the rain while chronically ill.

Do you feel like you are in a desert, with no rain and all alone in chronic illness? What would it take to celebrate? Rain!!! Okay, so this picture is just a mirage but I really did find some serious dancing kangaroos. As in real kangaroos and real rain. They were clearly celebrating (look below for the real picture). In light of the recent fires in Australia, there is even more significance to the photo. It won awards! You will be able to feel the rain as you view it.

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