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Ghee vs Clarified Butter vs Butter

real food - ghee

Butter, clarified butter and ghee are real food. All have only one ingredient, the same ingredient, but they have a bit of a different taste. They also work inside the body a bit differently. Upsides and the downsides of how they can affect autoimmunity. And an easy gourmet homemade gift recipes…

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Slice In The Avocados, Slice Out The Cost

Avocados are expensive, organic even pricier. We can slice out some of the cost and get our healthy fats at the same time.

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Rich Creamy Butter is GOOD For Us How?

Have to say I rejoiced when the science-based research finally supported that pure butter is good for us. I love butter. I have fond memories of childhood butter-churning of a favorite aunt and uncle. It tastes SO stinking good and it feels like an immediate comfort food. I lOVE butter. As we are improving our troubleshooting skills, let’s see how butter could actually help our health. Continue reading Rich Creamy Butter is GOOD For Us How?

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Healthy Fats Grocery List

You know what you “should” be eating for healthy quality fats to benefit health but now it is time to put it into action and get it in your home. I have created a “grocery list” that lets you do everything online in a snap. Continue reading Healthy Fats Grocery List

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EAT Healthy Fats; EFA’s

Fats are crucial for human life and health. Healthy fats nourish the body, delight our taste buds and make us full and happy. As we eat the healthy essential fatty acids we build and strengthen our bodies. Know your healthy omega-3s and omega-6s and EAT with pure enjoyment. Real food tastes great. Healthy can actually be tasty.  Continue reading EAT Healthy Fats; EFA’s