Biblical Wholeness

If you are interested in exploring your spirituality I have created a resource, which is for individuals with chronic illness and pain. I want to honor your choice to explore or leave it alone so I made it a completely different website (but it is still me, Maribeth Baxter).

Biblical Wholeness – click to explore faith in healing

When we are chronically ill and have pain the challenges can be so intense that we have a lot of questions.

  • Why me?
  • How long do I have to do this?
  • Will I live through it?
  • How are the bills going to be paid?
  • Who will care for me?
  • Why have I lost friends and family?
  • How will all of the work get done while I cannot do it?
  • How much worse can this really get?
  • Is there a God, is there anyone bigger than me who can help me through this?
  • If there is a God, why would he allow the suffering of illness?

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