Hand Write a Thank You

When was the last time you pulled out a paper and pen and hand wrote a thank you note? It does not happen much anymore. Through illness, we have many opportunities to be thankful for every little act of kindness that comes our way. It is an act of gratitude that can brighten your day as well as the recipients. Read more

Stop the Roller-Coaster-Ride of Chronic Illness

How does one get off the roller-coaster-ride of chronic illness and pain? If I could put the answer in a pill I would be a billionaire overnight. There are too many who are suffering through this miserable ride.  Healthy people who have not experienced this ride cannot begin to imagine. Instead of trying to make others understand, let’s look at ways to get off the ride in an attempt to find some steady ground.  Read more

Momentary Stuckness

Stuckness is probably not a real word but it is a reality when we get stuck. No point in pretending we don’t get stuck at times, most of us do. Chronic illness comes back to bite us at times when we least expect it. That is when we just stop, rest, regroup and try again, later. Physically our bodies do not always keep up with our desires in life. I do not have to like it but I choose to accept it and let my body rest until it is ready to try again. Read more

Depression Blues go Orange

The color yellow (and orange) help with depression blues. Whether it is the yellow sun, a yellow pineapple, juicy oranges or essential oils of citrus, it lifts the blues immediately. If you don’t believe me, try it.  Read more

Lean Into It

How do you drive your vehicle? Have you noticed that when you are driving on a curve that speeding up just a little actually helps you keep control of your vehicle? You might not have noticed. Maybe you have never tried it. The next time you are on a curve just slightly speed up and notice the control issue. Also try taking your foot off of the gas and feel how much harder it is to control the vehicle. I do not suggest placing your foot on the brake while in a curve, it is harder to control your vehicle. Leaning into a curve at full speed (safely using the speed limit) seems backwards but helps you ride the curve with more control and ease. Life is that way. It is going to happen anyway so you might as well lean into it so you get better results.  Read more

Just Keep Moving Forward

No matter what, just keep moving forward. If you have a goal, keep moving towards it. If you are sick and so sick of being sick and you are too frustrated to have a goal, move forward anyway. Even when we do not always feel like we are making any progress whatsoever, when we put one foot in front of the other, no matter how small the step, we really are moving forward.  Read more