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Frozen Psychology

Frozen psychology, blue mind, rising above chronic illness

You know for a fact that we get stuck from time to time during chronic illness. We get stuck in physical and emotional realities that seem impossible to overcome. So how do we get unstuck? Some will actually take the frozen plunge into chilly waters, forcing a shock. Not me! But I have taken on the frozen psychology of cold showers to bust through some chronic illness struggles.

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Dancing In The Rain

Blue-mind, dancing in the rain while chronically ill.

Do you feel like you are in a desert, with no rain and all alone in chronic illness? What would it take to celebrate? Rain!!! Okay, so this picture is just a mirage but I really did find some serious dancing kangaroos. As in real kangaroos and real rain. They were clearly celebrating (look below for the real picture). In light of the recent fires in Australia, there is even more significance to the photo. It won awards! You will be able to feel the rain as you view it.

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Healthy Baths With A Blue-Mind

Blue-mind healthy baths for the spirit as well as the body

I need a blue-mind moment. Need this cute adorable little girl and bubbles to make me think happy thoughts. I need my healthy bath with its calming and healing attributes. Yep, I am a bit needy today. This little girl in her bubble bath is bringing a smile to my face and calming my spirit as well as my body.

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Jumping Into Blue-Mind Winter

jumping into blue-mind winter

Jumping into a Blue-Mind winter mindset supports us during the difficulties of chronic illness. Winter can be associated with isolation because of the weather. It can be a time of harsh realities and hardships with suffering. It is frigid and uncomfortable for many. So, what can we do with a Blue-Mind Winter to help us through chronic illness…

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Slow Motion Underwater Healing

slow motion, fast, underwater healing

Disease and ongoing illness take its toll on our bodies, working them too hard and wearing them down. Wearing the out if we are not careful. When we slow everything down, we can heal faster. Here, we don’t even need to stick our heads under water. We are simply turning the moment into slow motion as it would feel underwater. Slowing our breath, our reactions, our thoughts, our heart rates so that our resting bodies can kick into high gear healing.

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Calming Underwater Exploration

Blue-mind; underwater around the world in one breath

Most of us won’t be doing any deep-sea-diving during chronic illness but we can still go there. We can release some of the stress by using our Blue-Minds. This is a beautiful way to calm the mind and body while in the safety of your home. This one is traveling the depths around the world in one breath.

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Diving In During Chronic Illness

diving into blue-mind during chronic illness

This summer did you find yourself diving into anything? Did you dive into fun and laughter at a pool party? Or maybe your big dive was the sheer power it took to get to a pool to wiggle your toes in the cool water. Chronic illness might change how we experience it but it doesn’t have to keep us from the enjoyment and calming effects of water.

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Watermelon Blue-Mind, Floating Out of Stress

watermelon blue-mind

Sticky fun watermelon in the pool just might be the way to go. By using water we can calm our minds and help clean up the stickiness of getting through a hot summer. During chronic illness, summertime heat can become tiresome. Stick your toes into a blue pool and be cool!!

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Using Your Blue Mind To Swim Into Health

use your blue mind, swim into health

Okay, so it isn’t that easy but when we put our mind to things we truly want, we do move in that direction. Blue minds are those that use water to calm the mind and body, therefore moving you closer to health. This summer is almost over, here in America. Has your body touched a swimming pool this summer? Have you felt the weightlessness of the water and the greater ease of movement with the pool water? Grab a swim before the season is over.

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Enjoy The Rain

blue mind, enjoy the rain

When was the last time you stood outside in the rain? The last time I did it was in summertime when it calmed my spirit to feel the cool fresh drops. I often enjoy the sprinkles of rain. But the last time I stood in a downpour was one of the highlights of my life. It created a blue-mind memory.

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