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Vascular Health – Arteriosclerosis / Atherosclerosis

Anyone at any age can be diagnosed with the beginning stages of Arteriosclerosis / Atherosclerosis, even children. The earlier it is detected, the less complicated it may be. Technology can be fascinating and useful in the right hands. As we learn what technology can do, we can change the outcome of our vascular health, young and old. Continue reading Vascular Health – Arteriosclerosis / Atherosclerosis

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Heart Healthy​ Lifestyle & Lyme Twist

If you have any kind of heart trouble and/or Lyme disease you might want to know about the connection. Usually, we identify different diseases with different organs or systems in the body. When we have a better understanding we can make wise choices.  Continue reading Heart Healthy​ Lifestyle & Lyme Twist

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Oral Health, Oil-Pulling

Have a sore mouth, consider oil-pulling. The first time I heard about oil-pulling I thought it was a hoax. There was no way I was about to swish my mouth with oil of all things. The evidence-based information kept pouring over my screen and I finally gave in and started learning about it. Fascinating how something this simple, and odd, can have so many health benefits, whitens teeth and even soothes a sore mouth. Continue reading Oral Health, Oil-Pulling

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Stretch Don’t​ Stress

Life is filled with stress. Chronic illness brings tons of additional stress. Our own thinking is even stress-filled. It is everywhere and we cannot run away from it. We can build healthy boundaries and limits to help protect ourselves but it still does not make us immune to stress. So how are we supposed to grow and learn and flourish into who we are meant to be without stress in our lives? Continue reading Stretch Don’t​ Stress