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Walk Like A Flamingo Through Chronic Illness

Flamingo walking, don't get stuck in chronic illness

There are no easy ways to walk through chronic illness, so think like a flamingo. Stand on one leg most of the time. Walk when you have to. Float when you need to rest. And fly away when you are ready. In time, you may be one who can fly away from it all. Can you imagine leaving illness behind?

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Cheerful Sunflowers for Nourishment

growing in cheerfulness, in nutrients, in health

Sunflowers are my favorite flower because they are so cheerful. They have also got to be the easiest flower to grow. Grow the right variety and you can eat your own sunflower seeds. Whether you grow sunflowers yourself or head to the store for a bag, they have nutritional value that you don’t want to miss. If you eat what is alive, you become alive.

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Enjoy The Rain

blue mind, enjoy the rain

When was the last time you stood outside in the rain? The last time I did it was in summertime when it calmed my spirit to feel the cool fresh drops. I often enjoy the sprinkles of rain. But the last time I stood in a downpour was one of the highlights of my life. It created a blue-mind memory.

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Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries

Life is like a bowl of cherries

Cherries are in season and fresh cherries are on my brain. I think I have eaten so many that I have gone fruitloopy. Now I am thinking that life is like a bowl of cherries; sometimes it is the pits, sometimes it sweet, sometimes fresh and in season and sometimes frozen from the freezer. It is just life after all. It comes with the variety and adventure of not only eating in the season but living in season.

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4th of July is Great Fun with Red, White & Blue Berries

4th of July BERRIES

Berries go wild on the 4th of July!! Make a healthy delight so you have something to take to your Independence Day adventures. The chronically ill are chillaxing into the slower rhythms of healing with fun food that is perfectly acceptable for the ill.

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Dealing With Frustrations

how we deal with our frustrations

All I FEEL like doing is coming unglued because of the ongoing computer issues. I want to scream some days, other days I want to cry, many days I have to simply give it up for the day and retreat so I don’t let the stress knock me off my bum. What do you do when you hit a roadblock? How do you deal with the stressors of life? Have you learned that the stress is not worth your health?? Scream, cry, or laugh???? I am finally ready to laugh because I care more about my health than I do my goals or progress in other areas. So, come laugh with me…

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Lavender Tea

Is there anything more calming than a cup of lavender tea? Well, maybe drinking it with a view of children playing or majestic mountains or a roaring mighty sea. We cannot have it all during chronic illness, so imagine the sights and drink the calming tea!!!

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Passing Home Stress Test

Life comes with “when it rains, it pours” stressors. That is just part of life. During chronic illness those times are especially hard to handle much less juggle. What if we used those times as a test kit? I am talking about passing our own kind of stress test, LIFE. Day-in day-out life can be some of the best stress testing you can do, especially testing your level of chronic illness.

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Keeping Food Simple

Food does not have to be complicated or fancy. The sicker someone gets, the easier food needs to be. Keeping food simple can be one of the best healing tools you have!!

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Why We Should Call Natural Medicine the Original Medicine, Not Alternative Medicine

Somehow the masses have this one backward. “Alternative” medicine came along when people decided to replace natural medicine with chemical alternatives. Think about that. “Alternative” is actually the prescription and over-the-counter fake “medicines.” We can trace the original “medicines” from the beginning of mankind. Therefore, HOW in tarnation did natural medicine end up being called the “alternative???” Society has gotten this one turned upside-down.

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