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Slow Motion Underwater Healing

slow motion, fast, underwater healing

Disease and ongoing illness take its toll on our bodies, working them too hard and wearing them down. Wearing the out if we are not careful. When we slow everything down, we can heal faster. Here, we don’t even need to stick our heads under water. We are simply turning the moment into slow motion as it would feel underwater. Slowing our breath, our reactions, our thoughts, our heart rates so that our resting bodies can kick into high gear healing.

Slowing down to speed up healing. Sounds backward and has a bit of common sense in it. Yet, we live in a time of fast-paced everything so we have to actively pay attention to slowing down our stressed chronically ill bodies and minds.

When you have been ill long enough, one becomes willing to try new ideas, like Blue-Mind (using the healing benefits of water, at all levels, to calm the mind which calms the body which creates a healing atmosphere).

There are many factors in healing from chronic illness. Our minds play one of the biggest roles. NOPE, not saying that your illness or pain is in your head. Not whatsoever. I am saying that using our minds to rise above that illness and pain helps us heal faster.

Taking Life for Granted

Ill or not, all of our lives are precious. They are as fragile as they are resultant which both become magnified during illness. We take some risks that we shouldn’t and we don’t push enough at other times.

Life during chronic illness helps us to honein on our life skills. Learning how far we can push our bodies and at the same time becoming acutely aware of the limits our bodies can take.

We have a limited time here on Earth to discover our unique balance. A benefit to becoming chronically ill is that we are provided an opportunity to focus on health. Using our time during illness to breathe and find a more peaceful existence will help us heal faster while teaching us the lifeskills we need to stay healthy.

Exhale in Slow Motion Underwater

You don’t need an ocean to do this. You don’t even need to stick your head under water.

The simple thought of exploring underwater helps us tune into our breathing better. It gives us power to exhale as slowly as we want to.

Finding Your Happy Place With Underwater Healing

We all need a happy place especially when life is difficult. Our happy place can be in our minds when we have lost control of our health, our relationships, our finances, etc. Creating that happy place gives us control over something.

Personally, I like happy places underwater. The volume of life and illness can easily be turned down. It calms my spirit allowing me to breathe slower and deeper.

I cheat and watch underwater clips to help me visualize a healthy body being able to explore the ocean and its wonders that bring peace to us.

Knowing Your Limits

I like this underwater quick film. It is a good reminder that we have GOT to learn our limits even in the midst of being calm and peaceful.

Blue Mind Movement

Join Dr. Jay Wallace at Blue Mind to understand and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of water in our lives.

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