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Passing Home Stress Test

Life comes with “when it rains, it pours” stressors. That is just part of life. During chronic illness those times are especially hard to handle much less juggle. What if we used those times as a test kit? I am talking about passing our own kind of stress test, LIFE. Day-in day-out life can be some of the best stress testing you can do, especially testing your level of chronic illness.

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Need A Moment Of Bliss

Do you ever need to call a time-out, making things still just for a moment to calm the stress? I needed to de-stress ME, so I picked the thought of blowing dandelions to create my moment of bliss. It totally turned around 2 very stress-filled weeks.

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A Lemon A Day

Lemonade and sunshine, what a refreshing thought. Have you ever tried daily lemon water to see how it feels for your body? Most of us have read the basic benefits of lemon water. So why don’t most of us drink it daily? Are you willing to take the 14-Day Lemon Water Challenge? Download free challenge…

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Lyme Awareness Month

How can we share the awareness of what those tiny Lyme critters can do to a person’s life??? There are so many people who have chronic Lyme that had their lives turned upside down by it. The suffering can be intense from the physical, emotional, loss of family, friends, loss of finances, and the spiritual upheaval. It all gets pretty nutty but it is the reality of far too many and the numbers keep rising. For them, helping others become more aware of the disease cannot be described in a way that anyone can truly understand unless they have experienced it.

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Get this guide to diagnosing and healing Lyme!

Get Dr. Jay Davidson’s powerful eGuide, 5 Things Your Doctor Should Know About Healing Lyme Disease, and ensure you’ve got them covered! Lyme disease is not all about ticks.

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