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Monsters During Chronic Illness

monsters during chronic illness

Do you feel like your body and emotions have been taken over by monsters while you are in the midst of chronic illness? Invasion of the body monsters?? Like they are lurking everywhere, monsters hiding under the bed and in every corner creating havoc and obstacles bigger than life. Monsters everywhere…

Even though I don’t believe in monsters, it did feel like they invaded my body and life during the years of intense chronic illness. They took over my organs and my body systems quit functioning. They took over my emotions and I did not recognize my thoughts and actions. I even hated how I looked because I looked more like a monster than myself. They were eating me alive, oh my.

You know, many of tell me about it. How awful you feel. How awful you think you look. How angry and dark your words and emotions can get when you don’t feel well. We might as well call them monsters.

Pathogens, viruses, infections, parasites, etc — they are monsters. I am here to declare it!!

If you have chronic Lyme disease, any autoimmune disease, shoot any disease for that matter, you know all about those lurking monsters.

They can take over our bodies, our looks, our attitudes. Yet we can fight back by dealing with the root causes of illness and disease so they GO AWAY and we can feel better and get-on with getting-on with life. Support the body with what it needs and it creates an environment that the monsters don’t like, so they go away, move out, vamoose!!!

I know, in the depths of illness it seems impossible. I am only one of many who have worked through it. From decades of diseases and illness and drama galore!! Been on my death bed more than once. Here to scream from the rooftops that we can work through disease and become healthy again.

I came across this quote and I believe it applies to chronic illness. We tend to fight the monster of chronic illness and it is very easy to get lost in the battle and become a monster ourselves if we are not careful to put the monsters in their appropriate place.

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.

~ Friedrich Nietzsche

During the long months and years of illness we cannot escape the reality of the situation. It takes effort to stare those monsters in the eye and say NO, you may not eat me alive. It also takes courage to fight back and face the fears that illness brings.

What I have found to be the most interesting is that it does not have to be a big drama battle of warfare Supporting the body, with the CORRECT protocol, gently resolves the problems, the issues, the root causes.

Halloween Monsters

It is time for halloween. I don’t even participate so why am I bringing this up?


I know many people enjoy the sweet treats of the season. I used to do it too. Candy corn was my downfall every year.

I also know that processed sugar is feeding the parasites and critters inside of us that keeps us ill with disease and illness.

No fun thinking about it. But until we face this reality we won’t deal with them and move out of illness and into healing.

No matter where one lives on planet Earth, we all have a certain amount of parasites and critters. They thrive on processed sugar. They zap our immune system and steal our nutrients. They hide heavy metals, Lyme, viruses, etc. Those who are already chronically ill usually end up having trouble getting out of that chaos.

If we want to get to the root causes of our diseases, we have to face the monsters head on. They exist, they create the sugar cravings, we eat the processed sugar and we stay sick.

When that light bulb comes on and we work on our sugar consumption we are on the road to better health.

Because it is the critters that create the sugar cravings, it can be quite difficult to overcome this.

Dealing with the critters (monsters) reduces the sugar cravings so we can get a handle on the sugar consumption. I never would have believed it had I not experienced it. Those cravings go away!

Deal with the monsters!!!!

True detox, get to the monsters. Use a protocol that works!!! CellCore Protocol works, at every level. I am one of the CellCore practitioners. Not only have I been trained by CellCore, I actually used their protocol and it WORKED. Out of bed, doing my thing, depression gone!!!

I am here to walk anyone through it who is ready to change their lives. Contact me

Pooping Monsters helps to move them out so you can enjoy better health.

Full Moon Challenges are a focused way to move them out.

It is the season to deal with your monsters.

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