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Food Fights, Love Food Not War

food fights = raise stress, raise cortisol, lower digestion, lower nutrient assimilation; love food not war

How many times have we gotten into a food fight with ourselves or others? We will never always agree on what we “should” eat. The more we fight about it, the more stressed we get. The more stressed we get, our hormones get disrupted, our nutrient level decreases and stay stuck in chronic illness. Love on people and real food, not war.

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Awkward & Backward​ Cycology, Keep Moving

awkward, backward, keep moving during chronic illness

Do you feel like everything is backward during chronic illness? That everything you try feels awkward? Your body feels like it has been turned inside out and your life upside down. Chronic illness has a way of stirring up life, whether we want it to or not.

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Watermelon Smiles & Dribbles

watermelon smiles and dribbles

Oh my stars, watermelons make me smile. All the fun is not just in the refreshing sweetness, it is also in the dribbles and giggles of the mess. It is simply fun. Don’t like getting messy yourself, watch a kid indulge in a watermelon slice.

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Be So Polite, You Are A Delight, Getting A Grip

get a grip, be so polite you are a delight

Recently I told someone this; You are so polite, you are a delight. I am watching myself react to someone who has never said a cross word to me. I would jump through hoops to help this person. How we treat others matters. No matter how ill one gets, getting a grip on how we speak to each other makes a difference in our healing journey.

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Which Wheels Make You Fly?

find your personal wheels so you keep moving through chronic illness

Everyone has their favorite wheels. Some of you can skateboard, I know I can’t. But I like bike riding. Going and blowin’ and getting down the road of life. Which wheels make you fly?

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Cheerful Sunflowers for Nourishment

growing in cheerfulness, in nutrients, in health

Sunflowers are my favorite flower because they are so cheerful. They have also got to be the easiest flower to grow. Grow the right variety and you can eat your own sunflower seeds. Whether you grow sunflowers yourself or head to the store for a bag, they have nutritional value that you don’t want to miss. If you eat what is alive, you become alive.

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Enjoy The Rain

blue mind, enjoy the rain

When was the last time you stood outside in the rain? The last time I did it was in summertime when it calmed my spirit to feel the cool fresh drops. I often enjoy the sprinkles of rain. But the last time I stood in a downpour was one of the highlights of my life. It created a blue-mind memory.

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Don’t Overthink It, Keep Moving

keep moving through chronic illness, don't overthink it

What about you? Do you overthink like I overthink? Does it keep you from moving forward like it does me? Let’s stop overthinking… but be smart and wise and free to move forward.

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Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries

Life is like a bowl of cherries

Cherries are in season and fresh cherries are on my brain. I think I have eaten so many that I have gone fruitloopy. Now I am thinking that life is like a bowl of cherries; sometimes it is the pits, sometimes it sweet, sometimes fresh and in season and sometimes frozen from the freezer. It is just life after all. It comes with the variety and adventure of not only eating in the season but living in season.

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Dealing With Frustrations

how we deal with our frustrations

All I FEEL like doing is coming unglued because of the ongoing computer issues. I want to scream some days, other days I want to cry, many days I have to simply give it up for the day and retreat so I don’t let the stress knock me off my bum. What do you do when you hit a roadblock? How do you deal with the stressors of life? Have you learned that the stress is not worth your health?? Scream, cry, or laugh???? I am finally ready to laugh because I care more about my health than I do my goals or progress in other areas. So, come laugh with me…

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