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Fear Is An Imaginary Wall

Dang, fear can get in our way. The walls of fear can get bigger, thicker and harder to climb the sicker we get. It can paralyze us and keep us from breaking through health barriers.

All fear is legitimate in our minds. There is a reason it sneaks in and there is a reason we have trouble breaking down those walls of fear.

Fear is essential for survival when we are so ill that it is life-threatening. When the fear kicks in, sometimes we take more drastic measures that can save our lives.

But what about the times when fear is an imaginary wall that keeps us from moving forward in our healing journey?

Everyone will have their own version of these kind of imaginary walls from fear.

Fear is the imaginary wall between you and everything.

~ Juansen Dizon

What were MY imaginary walls from fear?

In the past, fear kicked in because I have had Lyme since early childhood greatly effecting my life. Not knowing how to even begin functioning without Lyme was scary.

It was scary because, since early childhood, I had learned how to adapt and function in my state of neurological Lyme and vascular disease. The adaptation was so ingrained I did not even realize how much I was doing it.

Although it has been beyond exciting to recover from Lyme, the fear has been there. Not knowing how to NOT have constant adaptation skills pinging and keeping my senses on alert at all times.

It was fearful to have to learn how to be ME after a lifetime of the physical problems. No clue who I was going to find after recovering from Lyme.

As I have been walking through this, I am liking myself better and better every day. The fear has turned into adventure and faith in myself.

What are YOUR imaginary walls from fear?

Chronic illness can transform us when we allow our minds to stop and examine the fear, then move through the imaginary walls. Using the Cycology of Chronic Illness gives us the tools to do so.

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