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It’s a Snow Day – Enjoy, Even During Illness

Snow days for the chronically ill

Snow days can be super fun days for the chronically ill. Okay, so maybe not if you live in Alaska. I am talking about those of us who get the rare snow days. During chronic illness, that kind of contrast can create a really fun experience. It is the change, the excitement, that can get our attention. Anyone who has been ill for years knows how monotonous it gets. Just when we want to scream of boredom from the illness situation, a winter storm can be one of the most fun things to happen all year. And it takes no effort to experience it. You can do this one from bed if need be.

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It’s Cold Outside Baby, Persevering Illness In Winter Season

it's cold outside baby, preserving illness in winter

Winter is just a season, it comes and a few months later it goes. Chronic illness can be like a winter season in our lives, not a permanent condition. So… when will chronic illness GO? Most of you are done with it! Over it! Ready to get back to life!!! Persevering through illness is really not much different than the winter season we see outside. Put on your winter coat and walk this out with me…

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Love Note to Self In Moments of Victory

love note to self - remembering the victories of chronic illness

When you are in the joy of victory, take a moment to write yourself a love note. When we have moments of victory during chronic illness, we can use that for days to come when it is not so glorious. Chronic illness is not one big victory, it tons of smaller ones. The victories are hard to remember when we are in the really bad days (or weeks, even months or years) of illness. Love notes to ourselves is a beautiful way to remember, to feel the hope of past victories to help us keep walking through some of the darker days.

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Not A Better You, Better View of Victory

New Year's Resolution - not a better you but a better view

Have you beaten yourself up enough for being chronically ill? Are you ready to view illness in a different way? Are you ready to see the victories? You don’t need a better you, there is nothing wrong with you, exactly like you are. A better view of victory sure seems like a more productive way to move through chronic illness.

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Cozy Up – Hygge

time to higgle, cozy up

You made it through Christmas Day!!! That is not an easy feat when one is chronically ill. Sure, the holiday might not have turned out as you expected but just maybe it turned out better. Maybe you found a comfy place inside yourself that said, “All is good” regardless of whatever. Let’s celebrate the victory, no matter how it turned out. It is a victory simply because it is the day after and you are still here, still making your way through the wellness journey. Let’s cozy up and enjoy it.

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Healthy Baths With A Blue-Mind

Blue-mind healthy baths for the spirit as well as the body

I need a blue-mind moment. Need this cute adorable little girl and bubbles to make me think happy thoughts. I need my healthy bath with its calming and healing attributes. Yep, I am a bit needy today. This little girl in her bubble bath is bringing a smile to my face and calming my spirit as well as my body.

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Family Naysayers, Your Health

your health and family naysayers

Family squabbles about health, healthcare for ourselves and our children can easily get out of hand. Can we make it a fair fight?

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Squirrelly Fun

having fun during illness

It is the little things in life that make me stop, smile and enjoy life. Today it was some squirrelly fun…

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What Can We Do With Possibilities​ During Illness

best of possibilities

We sure can get stuck in the yuck-and-muck of chronic illness. There are endless difficult situations that quickly become overwhelming when we are chroncially ill. Recently I learned another brain trick that can instantly calm the stress of illness. Training our brains to find the possibilities in impossible situations.

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Slow Motion Underwater Healing

slow motion, fast, underwater healing

Disease and ongoing illness take its toll on our bodies, working them too hard and wearing them down. Wearing the out if we are not careful. When we slow everything down, we can heal faster. Here, we don’t even need to stick our heads under water. We are simply turning the moment into slow motion as it would feel underwater. Slowing our breath, our reactions, our thoughts, our heart rates so that our resting bodies can kick into high gear healing.

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