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Lavender Tea

Is there anything more calming than a cup of lavender tea? Well, maybe drinking it with a view of children playing or majestic mountains or a roaring mighty sea. We cannot have it all during chronic illness, so imagine the sights and drink the calming tea!!!

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Greening-Up Our Home

Our “environment” starts with our bodies, minds and our immediate homes. When we green them up, we contribute to a greater good of our global health. Using renewable resources like bamboo is wildly simple and clean. Ill or not, it is a great idea. Let’s go down the bamboo path for a moment…

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Passing Home Stress Test

Life comes with “when it rains, it pours” stressors. That is just part of life. During chronic illness those times are especially hard to handle much less juggle. What if we used those times as a test kit? I am talking about passing our own kind of stress test, LIFE. Day-in day-out life can be some of the best stress testing you can do, especially testing your level of chronic illness.

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Full Moon Challenge June 2019

Time to get ready for the Full Moon Challenge. The next full moon will occur on June 17th, 2019 at 4:31 AM ET and will be a Full Strawberry Moon. With a decrease in melatonin weakening the immune system and an increase in serotonin enabling parasite mobility, it’s the perfect time to provide your body with extra support to maximize detox results. 

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Balancing Hormones With Seed Rotation

Seed rotation (or “cycling”) for balancing hormones has been around for a while. It is super gentle on the body as well as simple, easy, cost effective and natural. Food as medicine! I believe in using food to help balance our body which increases our health.

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Natural Tips to Fight Viruses!

Generally, retroviruses cause immune deficiency. They can affect very specific parts of our immune system, causing a multitude of illnesses. With lost immune protection, parasites, bacteria and other types of viral pathogens have a greater opportunity to impact your health. Grab your free eGuide to these natural tips…

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Keeping Food Simple

Food does not have to be complicated or fancy. The sicker someone gets, the easier food needs to be. Keeping food simple can be one of the best healing tools you have!!

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Viral and RetroViral Summit

Viruses and retroviruses are dangerous microorganisms that enter the body in many different ways. They’re responsible for causing a host of symptoms, some more severe than others, even life-threatening. Therefore, I encourage you to join us for this important summit to better understand your health!

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Natural Blush – Hibiscus Tea Bag

Hibiscus flowers have such a strong pigment that you can use the tea bags as a blush for your cheeks to make them look sun-kissed. This is a perfect idea for the months (and years) of chronic illness when we wear so little make-up but want to look like we are still amongst the living.

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Could Pearl Powder Save Your Skin?

I’ve always been fascinated by the ocean. It’s not documented in Lonely Planet, or easily accessible from an Uber.
It’s truly off the beaten path, mysterious and unexplored. In fact, did you know we’ve only explored about 5% of the ocean? It’s pretty crazy to think that most of the ocean has yet to be seen or touched… But I’m not just in love with the sheer blue vastness and uncertainty of the sea. I’m in love with the magic it creates. Take the pearl, for instance…

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