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Oral Surgery and Heart Failure

healthy mouth healthy body

After having heart failure the last time I was at the dentist, I was in no hurry to go back. Well, that seemed to make logical sense but it did not work out so well. We all need to take care of our oral health, even in the face of fear. I finally went back to the dentist to get caught up on years of oral infection that was holding back the last steps of my healing process. How did I put heart failure fear aside and step up for my health which reduced my risk for heart failure? Healthy mouth, healthy body!

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Thinning Hair – Growing Again

Been sick, been losing hair, getting frustrated?? Would you even believe me if I said there is an easy fix? The easier we make this, the faster we get to fixing the issues that come up, especially while being chronically ill. The better you feel about your hair, the better you feel about yourself, and the better your body moves into wellness instead of illness.

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MARCoNS – Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci

MARCoNS, ouch... my nasal cavity

MARCoNS resides in the nasal cavity, surviving in biofilms and creating exotoxins. Sometimes you can feel it in your nasal cavity, maybe even ears or jawbone, but not always. These biofilms make it difficult to treat, but not impossible. Labels like MARCoNS may or may not be helpful. The label itself does not solve the problem. But the information that one has MARCoNS provides some valuable information. Let’s use the information to get to the solution!

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Butter, A Healthy Fat

real food, butter, a healthy fat

Yes, I said butter. We are now learning that healthy “fats” are not what is making society “fat.” I know “fat” has been the enemy of many for decades. For most of the population, they wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole, for health reasons. The others, well they would never think of doing without. Science can sometimes do a 180-degree flip and now we are back to butter, thank goodness…

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Kidney Boosting Foods

We can support and cleanse our kidneys with appropriate real foods. Food for health is a ball, and tasty. Let’s explore the possibilities to support and boost our kidneys with food.

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Beauty of Autumn, Seeing the Abundance

beauty of Autumn, seeing the abundance

Many of you have the season of Autumn in full force. The leaves have turned color and they are falling on the cooler days and nights. For those of us who like the cooler weather to chill the fire of illness, we are provided a season to get outside and breathe in the crisp nourishment of Autumn. Can we see the abundance in the magnificent colors, the cool winds, and the plentiful foods? Don’t let the change of season slip by just because of chronic illness.

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Celebrating the Coconut

celebrating coconuts

Coconut oil, cream, milk, hair products, sunblock, by-products like charcoal, all come from the coconut. Coconut sugar and coconut-based toothpaste, the coconut is everywhere these days. And thank goodness. It is World Coconut Day so let’s celebrate.

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Tooth Fairy Day, Let’s Fairy-Up

National Tooth Fairy Day

What fun. We actually have a National Tooth Fairy Day. Kids make me smile so I had to indulge. Their smiles matter…

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