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Debunk Tongue-Rolling Myth

How many times have we been taught that tongue-rolling is genetic? Parents, friends, doctors, and teachers have been trying to convince us for decades. Family studies using twins demonstrated clearly that there are important non-genetic influences on tongue-rolling.

Sturtevant who completed the 1940 study suggesting that there is a large genetic influence on tongue-rolling came to a different conclusion after other studies were made. In 1965 he claimed we should not use tongue rolling to demonstrate basic genetics. In reference to his 1940 study, he said he was,  “embarrassed to see it listed in some current works as an established Mendelian case.” 

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Noise Hurts!

You cannot even see the wind or air movement so how in the world can it hurt. Put air on devices and it creates just the right buzz to drive a chick to her knees in pain. Headaches are a nasty business and the oddest things can send a person plummeting into despair from the pain. Triggers like wind, even the slightest breeze can be more than one can bare during a bad headache. Let’s quiet our world a little more while we hurt.

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How to get the most out of “exercise” when you have chronic illness and pain – Part 2

It is truly monumental for a person with chronic illness and pain to move their bodies. The pain and exhaustion from the simple thought of moving our bodies can be daunting. Traditional exercise is not realistic. We covered a few ideas to “exercise” by getting the brain moving when you cannot get the body moving in Part 1. Now let’s look at how to “exercise” when you are able to take a few steps.

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How to get the most out of “exercise” when you have chronic illness and pain – Part 1

When we are in the middle of chronic illness and pain exercise is rarely a consideration. Transporting our hurting bodies from the bed to the sofa takes as much energy as a marathon. A daily shower is laughable but sometimes a requirement so we painfully get through it and need the afternoon to recover from the event. If you have never had chronic illness and pain don’t worry, we don’t expect for your brain to wrap around this. We would never wish for you to go through it. For those of us who have experienced it or have watched loved ones struggle through it, we get it. So, how in the world do you even consider exercise in this state? There is always a way! Continue reading How to get the most out of “exercise” when you have chronic illness and pain – Part 1

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Big Girl Panties – Big Boy Boxers

What a phrase, “put on your big girl panties.” Usually I do not refer to my panties in public in great hopes that if I act like a lady I will be treated like one. This is an exception. There are times we need to rise to the occasion and put on our big people undies.  In a literal sense sometimes our undies need to grow with us. In what was a humiliating experience at the time I learned this lesson the hard way.

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Coffee Labels

Coffee. Cup of steaming coffee with the real coffee ripe berries

Is coffee good or bad for you? You will find arguments for both sides supporting fairly convincing evidence. I have always severely labeled coffee as unhealthy until recently. Lately, I have explored what coffee might do for a body that never, I mean NEVER, drinks coffee. My experiments with this worldwide obsession have brought me to neutral ground. We all need to find what works for our bodies at any given moment.

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