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MARCoNS – Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase Negative Staphylococci

MARCoNS, ouch... my nasal cavity

MARCoNS resides in the nasal cavity, surviving in biofilms and creating exotoxins. Sometimes you can feel it in your nasal cavity, maybe even ears or jawbone, but not always. These biofilms make it difficult to treat, but not impossible. Labels like MARCoNS may or may not be helpful. The label itself does not solve the problem. But the information that one has MARCoNS provides some valuable information. Let’s use the information to get to the solution!

Make It Simple

If one has been diagnosed with the label of MARCoNS, let’s take a look at what it means which gives us information. Then move on to a solution that includes getting to the source of WHY did one get MARCoNS in the first place.

By removing the root cause of MARCoNs, the body becomes inhospitable to allowing it to happen again.

Oversimplified? No, we are usually too focused on labels and not focused enough on root causes and supporting the body so that we can get back to living productive meaningful lives.

Root Cause

Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts (co-founders of CellCore Biosciences) say that it is parasites that are the root cause. Parasites hold on to (hide) mold, toxins of all kinds, heavy metals, and pathogens of all kinds. Get to the parasites and you are getting to the root cause.

Let’s keep looking at MARCoNS and see how it is typically viewed and then we will get back to treating the root cause.

Who Usually Has MARCoNS

MARCoNS is not commonly found in the deep sinuses of normal individuals with intact immune systems.

MARCoNS is found in many suffering from mold exposure, chronic Lyme disease, biotoxin illnesses, and other chronic inflammatory illnesses. People with low MSH (Melanocyte-Stimulating Hormone) seem to be highly susceptible. Microorganisms only affect and overgrow in a system that is weak or debilitated.

MARCoNS is closely tied to MSH. When the person has low MSH it makes the person susceptible to MARCoNS. In turn, MARCoNS then further lowers MSH. It is found in 80% of those with low MSH and less than 2% of those with normal MSH. This is why some doctors who have found low MSH levels will then test for MARCoNS.

MSH = Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH) is a critically important regulatory neuropeptide. It is produced in the hypothalamus, an area of the brain important for hormonal control of the body, and where the nervous system meets the endocrine system.

Result of too low MSH…

  • Fatigue and chronic pain due to reduced endorphins and increased cytokines will ensue
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Mood swings
  • Leaky gut
  • Alternating constipation and diarrhea
  • Lower melatonin (poor sleep)
  • Low ADH (Antidiuretic Hormone)

What is MARCoNS

MARCoNS is an issue in the nasal cavity. MARCoNS effects the entire nasal and sinus passageways along with possibly the jawbones. And don’t forget the ear, the eustachian tube can be touched by this as well.

MARCoNS is a type of staph bacteria that produces a biofilm, making it difficult to eradicate. in addition to resulting in sinusitis symptoms, MARCoNS is believed to complicate CIRS treatment. MARCoNS can suppress MSH (melanocyte-stimulating hormone) production in the brain, leading to disorder and chaos within the immune and endocrine systems.

It is usually found in people with compromised health and it may originate from mold exposure which creates mycotoxins in our bodies. MARCoNS activates inflammation and produces biofilm and biotoxins.

We may or may not actually feel it, many do not. Yet, some can feel it in our sinuses, the pain and discomfort sometimes go into our ear and down to our jawbone, we end up feeling like heck; brain fog, headaches, earaches, migraines, body aches, and debilitating exhaustion, etc.

It is debatable if it is a true “infection” or not. Some say it is not an infection but a condition that leads to infection. Some say it is an antibiotic-resistant staph infection. Regardless, it is an issue that needs a solution.

How Did it Get in Our Sinuses?

As stated above, a weakened health state can create conditions making these people highly susceptible to MARCoNS. Another way one can get it is through mold exposure.

It has recently been demonstrated that patients who develop chronic illness after prior exposure to water damaged buildings and mold have the presence of mycotoxins, which can be detected in the urine. We hypothesized that the mold may be harbored internally and continue to release and/or produce mycotoxins which contribute to ongoing chronic illness. The sinuses are the most likely candidate as a site for the internal mold and mycotoxin production. 

~ NCBI: Chronic Illness Associated with Mold and Mycotoxins: Is Naso-Sinus Fungal Biofilm the Culprit?

Once we have it in our sinuses it does not naturally clear out when our bodies are already compromised with health issues. Even when we remove our bodies from the source of mold exposure, we are left with the issue still in our bodies. It usually resides in the nasal cavity…

The persistence of mycotoxins suggests that there may be an internal source of mold that represents a reservoir for ongoing mold toxins that are excreted in the urine. Otherwise, one would anticipate that the toxins would have cleared over time. Herein, we discuss the concept that the nose and sinuses may be major internal reservoirs where the mold is harbored in biofilm communities and generates “internal” mycotoxins.

~ NCBI: Chronic Illness Associated with Mold and Mycotoxins: Is Naso-Sinus Fungal Biofilm the Culprit?

This study goes on to explain how biofilms are involved. Biofilms are produced by bacteria and molds and are present in CRS (chronic rhinosinusitis) – common in sinuses. The colony of bacteria sequesters within a thick mucusy substance that antibiotics usually can’t penetrate.

Coagulase negative staphylococci (CNS) has clearly been demonstrated to produce biofilm which represents a major pathogenic mechanism for these bacteria in certain clinical settings. Since S. aureus, CNS and other bacteria frequently occur in the sinuses and commonly form biofilm, this may potentially represent another significant co-pathogen for fungal biofilm formation...

Biofilm may allow for chronic persistence of fungi in the nose and sinuses and make treatments more difficult.… Given the role of bacterial pathogens in fungal sinus biofilm (e.g., S. aureus), antibacterial therapy may be a helpful adjunct…

Therapies directed at the fungal biofilm may be promising potential interventions for patients with chronic illness secondary to mycotoxins. 

~ NCBI: Chronic Illness Associated with Mold and Mycotoxins: Is Naso-Sinus Fungal Biofilm the Culprit?

Someone who is chronically ill may or may not even be aware that they have been exposed to a water-damaged building creating these mycotoxins which seem to create biofilm in the nasal cavity.

I vividly remember that it was hard to determine all the sources of all my diseases and issues during the depths of illness chaos. When we get in this illness chaos, it is truly chaos. Receiving a diagnosis of MARCoNS can give one information to know that we have been exposed at some point to mycotoxins and has them inside the body — not able to be released yet.

When we are in the chronic illness chaos loop, we do not have the energy or immune system to naturally clear out these issues.

What Next

I have lived through mold toxicity and know the importance of removing the source immediately. Those of us with Lyme, co-infections, including other diseases, know that our bodies are beyond struggling and cannot withstand the mold exposure.

Location Matters

Move or remediate, immediately. There is no air filter that will resolve the issue. There is no pill that fixes a human body that is reacting to the mold while still living or working in it. It simply must be dealt with.

Remove the body or remove the source!!

Diet Matters

There are certain foods that contain more mold than others. Here are some main culprits which have the highest amounts of mycotoxins…

  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Cheese
  • Dried Fruit
  • Grains

This does not need to be a big deal, simply find the brands that care about mycotoxins and are reputable companies proving the steps they are taking for mycotoxin testing.

Coffee – Bulletproof Coffee by David Asprey is a great source of mold-free coffee.

Dr. Jill Carnahan has a great article that goes into extensive detail on a low-mold diet.

Diet is not enough to resolve the issue of MARCoNS. It is only one element of supporting the body. Let’s keep looking into this…

Supporting the Body to Release the Toxins

No matter how or why one has MARCoNS, by supporting the body, the body will naturally release the toxins. I know, it is not that easy, but it sort of is. Given the right tools for support, our bodies become inhospitable to the toxins and we then can release them.

Our bodies were designed to heal themselves, given the right support. A drowning person does not need a glass of water, they need a life vest. When we support our bodies with the correct tools, the stressors tend to slip away. The root causes of the illnesses and diseases no longer have a hospitable body to wreak havoc in.

Support the body which will release the toxins…

Conquer mold toxicity in your body by targeting its root problems. Mold toxicity reduces oxygen, generates endotoxins, and slows the thyroid. By increasing oxygen, binding toxins, and upregulating the thyroid, you’ll tackle this tenacious problem head-on to rid yourself of its debilitating effects. ~ CellCore

Once the environment has been changed, I found that mold toxicity in my body could also be overcome by supporting my body with products that actually work. I used CellCore protocol, specifically for mold. Here are the recommendations by the CellCore Docs and what I specifically did…

MYC Support Kit by CellCore

  1. BioToxin Binder
    • most “binders” will not go past the digestive tract, this binder will
    • this product works as a systemic binder as well as supporting cellular respiration
    • it does so much more than a “binder” – please click and read more
  2. CT-Minerals
    • these minerals help to bind on to the toxins
  3. AdvancedTUDCA
    • to support the liver/kidney/bile ducts as we deal with this
  4. BC-ATP
    • we need all the cellular energy possible to deal with the mycotoxin issue
    • provides energy for all of the body’s systems
    • when mitochondria work well, our immune system works better
  5. Kidney/Liver KLSupport
    • mold downregulates the liver function of detoxification

Advanced MYC Support Kit

Carboxy and CT-Biotic encourage periods of deeper cleansing, so it’s recommended that patients/clients complete at least one month of drainage support and the MYC Support Kit before introducing this kit.

  1. CT-Minerals
    • these minerals help to bind on to the toxins
  2. AdvancedTUDCA
    • to support the liver/kidney/bile ducts as we deal with this
  3. BC-ATP
    • we need all the cellular energy possible to deal with the mycotoxin issue
    • provides energy for all of the body’s systems
    • when mitochondria work well, our immune system works better
  4. CT-Biotic – Spore-based probiotic to encourage deeper cleansing
  5. Carboxy Binder – it is used after the body has adapted to BioToxin Binder, Carboxy is the next level of mycotoxin binders

Para 3 is a useful addition (with the below CAUTIONS) – it is a liquid tincture and it supports the nasal cavity

CellCore now has Para 3 to assist this process. At the time I went through it, CellCore had not yet come out with their Para 3 that effectively deals with the nasal passages. I was not tested for anything then, so I was never diagnosed with MARCoNS. Yet, I know that during the time that I was dealing with mold toxicity, my nasal passages were blocked, were painful, and were creating intense pressure in my head. I used the mold protocol from CellCore to clean up the mold toxicity in my body, which cleared up most of the nasal issues I had. When Para 3 came out, I could clear up another layer specific to the nasal cavity.

My experience included dangerous levels of mold in my chest cavity and lungs found on a scan. The Mold Kit cleared that out AFTER moving from the black mold apartment.

More Support – Para 3

I cannot scream this loud enough, do NOT jump into Para 3. I am happy to get on the phone or email with anyone who wants the reasons why not. Contact me – this conversation is free.

  • Para 3 CAUTION: Do NOT jump into Para 3 as a quick fix — It is very strong
  • Para 3 CAUTION: Take breaks from it — 3 weeks on, 1 week off

My body had been tremendously strengthened by the CellCore Protocol and even I could not jump into Para 3 full dosage. We are all at different places with this but across the board, this is a strong tincture.

I started at normal dosage on the bottle and immediately crashed. That was a good sign – it gave me the information that my body needed this tincture. Solution — slow it down, way down.

ONE single drop in 32 ounces of water — then pour ONE ounce at a time into a glass and drink it twice a day. Yep, sounds crazy slow but what worked for myself and many people.

Neti-pot, release the toxins, nasal cavity

Nasal Rinse

Take it Slow

Para 3ONE single drop in 32 ounces of water — then pour ONE ounce at a time into your neti pot, fill with pure water, nothing else. Use neti-pot rinse as follows…

Weekly Schedule

Do it 4 times, 4 days in a row (once daily). Wait 3 days, do not use it. Let your nasal membranes take a rest.


Numerous ways you can do this. Try one of the following…

Nasal Cavity

Each human has two nasal bones located in the upper-middle area of the face, between the maxillary (upper jaw) bones’ frontal processes. These sit midline to each other to form the bridge of the nose. The outer surface of the nasal bone is convex (it curves outward) from one side to the other and concavo-convex (curves in on one side and out on the other, like a contact lens) from the top to bottom. It has a hole at its center, through which a small vein passes.

The nasal skeleton is a combination of bone and cartilage which forms both what we can see as the external nose and the internal nasal septum – which divides the two nasal cavities of the head.

Ethmoid sinus (ETH-moyd SY-nus) A type of paranasal sinus (a hollow space in the bones around the nose). Ethmoid sinuses are found in the spongy ethmoid bone in the upper part of the nose between the eyes. They are lined with cells that make mucus to keep the nose from drying out.


When doing a nasal rinse, the water solution is poured into one side of the nose, pours through a hole in the middle, then out the other side, draining out of the body…

Watch the full video – click here

Remember, in many cultures around the world, children are doing this as a normal routine for health. If a child can do it, adults can certainly get-ur-done!!!

Oral Rinse & Oil Pulling

When you have yeast, mold, fungus, or parasites irritating and colonizing your nasal, ear and mouth membranes, you create an environment that encourages Staph to grow, along with maintaining an environment conducive to parasites. 

You want an environment that is healthy and not welcoming to toxins or pathogens. They tend to go away as we make our bodies inhospitable to them.

Using an oral rinse can be useful to get this under control. I have done both; rinsing the mouth with Para 3 in water and oil-pulling. Neither are meant to be done daily forevermore. Change things up. Adaptation is your friend. It challenges your body allowing it to grow stronger.

Oral Rinse…

  • Start with ONE drop Para 3 in 8 ounces of water, use an ounce or two at a time, swish and spit out

Oil Pulling…

  • Banyan Daily Swish – 1-2 teaspoons, swish up to 20 minutes, spit in trash can (don’t let it go into your plumbing)
  • Oil Pulling – tons more info

Nose Spray

While supporting our bodies to get toxins out, the insides of our noses can need some tender loving care. That means, the products we use do not contain chemicals or any harmful product. Our nasal membranes are very fragile and sensitive. Gently spraying with natural ingredients can help to soothe and wash away surface toxins without damaging the membranes.

I used, and recommend, using a specific nasal spray to help keep the nasal cavity protected and soothed. This spray does both very effectively…

Argentyn 23 is produced through a proprietary manufacturing technique that results in the smallest particles achievable. These particles are greater than 98% positively charged bio-active silver ions and silver nanoclusters. 

More nose spray options…

Nose Anatomy

Understanding the nose anatomy also helps us understand how and why nasal issues make our head, face, and ears hurt as well.

Still want more anatomy detail… watch this one…

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE:  In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself. If it is not good enough for me, it certainly is not good enough for you!!

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