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Butter, A Healthy Fat

real food, butter, a healthy fat

Yes, I said butter. We are now learning that healthy “fats” are not what is making society “fat.” I know “fat” has been the enemy of many for decades. For most of the population, they wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole, for health reasons. The others, well they would never think of doing without. Science can sometimes do a 180-degree flip and now we are back to butter, thank goodness…

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Rich Creamy Butter is GOOD For Us How?

Have to say I rejoiced when the science-based research finally supported that pure butter is good for us. I love butter. I have fond memories of childhood butter-churning of a favorite aunt and uncle. It tastes SO stinking good and it feels like an immediate comfort food. I lOVE butter. As we are improving our troubleshooting skills, let’s see how butter could actually help our health. Continue reading Rich Creamy Butter is GOOD For Us How?