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Thinning Hair – Growing Again

Been sick, been losing hair, getting frustrated?? Would you even believe me if I said there is an easy fix? The easier we make this, the faster we get to fixing the issues that come up, especially while being chronically ill. The better you feel about your hair, the better you feel about yourself, and the better your body moves into wellness instead of illness.

While you are busing getting healthy on the inside (which is the very best way to make hair healthier) go to work on the outside, on the scalp.

This SO EASY solution pulls toxins out of the scalps, pulls any little critters that don’t belong there, and at the same time stimulates the tissue on the scalp to start new hair growth.

Rub M.O.M. on by CellCore Biosciences. Minerals/Oxygen/MitoATP.

Just 3 weeks later I have new hair growth, flyaway hairs that are growing fast out of my bald spots.

I have tried it 3 different ways. Do the one that seems easiest to you…

  • Put M.O.M. in a leave-in conditioner
  • Put Minerals or MitoATP on fingertips and rub into scalp
  • Use a spray bottle with water and M.O.M. and spray on scalp

2 thoughts on “Thinning Hair – Growing Again

  1. How many drops of each in the spray? Thanks. Lost half my hair to Bartonella. I got bald patches and diffuse loss :(

    1. Hey, hair loss is huge for many who have Lyme and co-infections. Use the M.O.M. products = 1 dropperful of each in a bottle of leave-in conditioner (or regular conditioner – let sit on scalp for a few minutes before rinsing).

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