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Celebrating the Coconut

celebrating coconuts

Coconut oil, cream, milk, hair products, sunblock, by-products like charcoal, all come from the coconut. Coconut sugar and coconut-based toothpaste, the coconut is everywhere these days. And thank goodness. It is World Coconut Day so let’s celebrate.

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Adrenal Creamy Orange Juice

Fresh squeezed orange juice has many health benefits. That is when you get around the sugar spikes causing insulin issues that can lead to and complicate health problems. How did real food get so complicated? Adding coconut milk and protein powder turns ordinary orange juice into an adrenal power drink that most everyone loves.  Continue reading Adrenal Creamy Orange Juice

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Drink Your Watermelon

Summertime provides an abundance of watermelons. Usually, our bodies adapt well to eating things that are in season. We are used to eating them cut up, using a fork or spoon. Have you tried drinking your watermelon? It is sweet and refreshing. Add some lemon or lime and some fresh mint and it is fabulous. Add coconut milk and you won’t get the blood-sugar spike and you will have a creamy watermelon delight. Recipe below. Continue reading Drink Your Watermelon