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Oral Surgery and Heart Failure

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After having heart failure the last time I was at the dentist, I was in no hurry to go back. Well, that seemed to make logical sense but it did not work out so well. We all need to take care of our oral health, even in the face of fear. I finally went back to the dentist to get caught up on years of oral infection that was holding back the last steps of my healing process. How did I put heart failure fear aside and step up for my health which reduced my risk for heart failure? Healthy mouth, healthy body!

Oral health has a direct correlation to heart health. I did not know that 9 years ago when I was getting my amalgam fillings removed by a regular dentist. I also did not know back then that removing toxic metals from my mouth by a regular dentist sets the stage for a health reaction, in my case my first episode of heart failure.

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Not just the heart, there is a mouth-body connection altogether. Create a healthy Microbiota in your mouth and body for overall health and wellness. Want to know how – contact me for a healthy mouth for a healthy body protocol!

My Recent Oral Surgery

The invisible elephant in the dentist’s room stood right on my chest and without a doubt, during heart failure, I was sure I would die. That was my very first episode of heart failure, that I remember. In my 20’s I was in a coma and had significant heart issues but I have no memory because I was in a coma so I did not know how scary the experience could be.

For me, neurological Lyme disease from early childhood has always been in this health scenario. It is not unheard of to have significant heart issues when one has neurological Lyme. Wow, what I know now compared to what I didn’t know then!!!

After several years of life threatening heart issues, Lyme, co-infections, Hashimotos, EBV, mold toxicity, and the list goes on – I was able to get on to a natural protocol that wiped out the root causes of all of it and my health has improved by leaps and bounds. Now out of bed, now able to work, now able to think, now able to function, now able to put the pieces together, oral health had a TON to do with the situation. And it does for everyone, that is why I am sharing this.

Two months ago I received a clean bill of health from my natural doctor. Yet we both knew there was still something lingering. My body was finally healthy enough to deal with it. I could feel pain in my right side of my face and down my neck. I could feel the drainage down my neck and collecting in a pocket on my shoulder. My guess was that my one and only root canal had issues, probably infection.

I received a referral to a biological dentist and it was confirmed. Raging infection in that old root canal. I research health on a daily basis, have for 26 years. I have read numerous studies about root canals being a breeding ground for infection. Okay, so I found that research AFTER my one and only root canal! Since my heart failure at the dentist so many years ago, I had to set aside fear and keep moving through this process to get this resolved. The biological dentist was able to remove the infection from my gums but not able to deal with the infected root canal. Off to an oral surgeon who confirmed this was a raging infection through the tooth, nerve and had already started to disintegrate the bone.

The oral surgeon actually listened to me about my heart and my fears and my medical history. You know what that is like to finally have a doctor perk up and actually listen and act based on what you said. He was able to get an anesthesiologist who knew specifically how to deal with my heart situation and keep me safe throughout the surgery.

Oral Infection Gone Systemic – I cannot express enough how important it is to take care of your oral health in a timely manner. I had let my infection go so long that it had gone systemic. The anesthesiologist asked why all my veins were bulging purple. I explained that the infection had gone systemic and all the veins in my body were visibly that way. When I woke up from the surgery, all my veins were back to normal.

By removing the source of the infection my body immediately calmed down. It will take some time to get all the infection out of my system but I cannot express enough how delighted I am with my decision to set fear aside and deal with this.

Where Is Your Oral Health

All this to say… oral health is one of the best things you can do for your overall health.

It’s extremely important to support the immune system before, during, and after treatment for cavitations, and to focus on detoxing. As a health coach I have walked others through dental procedures so that people can take the least amount of medications, have the least amount of pain, and detox the effects of dental procedures and infection as quickly and safely as possible. Now that I too have had the experience I have added to that protocol even more tips and tricks.

Step 1 – find a biological dentist in your area who can keep you as safe as possible. Amalgam fillings need to be removed safely. Cleaning visits do not need to include harmful fluoride. Pulling teeth or having oral surgery has to be done by a biological dentist who has had very specific training in how to keep you safe. Shifting heavy metals in an already highly toxic body is very dangerous to one’s health! The amalgams need to come out but done safely.

  • Choose your dentist wisely. You can find biological dentists at

Where a health coach comes in is the fact that oral procedures are not safe at all times for all people. If someone is in the middle of a health crash, oral procedures can be riskier. By detoxing the body beforehand it lowers the “load” of toxins that create added risk. By removing the barriers that keep the immune system from functioning properly, the body will be ready to take on the procedure with an active immune system. By having natural products for pain and oral healing, one does not need to take as much medication which disrupts the microbiome and mitochondria.

There are a ton of things we can do that are natural to take care of our own health. Yet there are times when we must seek a doctor/dentist for certain procedures. Oral health is just simply one of those times. If you are not able to get an infection under control on your own naturally, please seek a biological dentist. Yes, they are more expensive because they have additional training and equipment to keep you safe. When we make our wellbeing a priority, the cost is offset by doing it right the first time!! From someone who just went through 7 years of life threatening heart issues, if we would get the oral health issues taken care of properly from the beginning, we would not have to pay for all the extra circles we end up going in to fix what could have been fixed by attending to our oral health.

Had I not been so fearful from my heart failure at the dentist office so many years ago, my choices would have been different. That is why psychology plays into our health as much as the physical aspects. Getting to the WHY of fear, moving through it so that our health can move forward, now, not later.

And that is why CYCOLOGY drives my blogs. Psychology = CYCOLOGY. Moving forward, rolling with the health situations to keep moving forward and not getting stuck in our minds. When we get stuck in our minds, we do not take appropriate actions. I am one who knows better, teaches and coaches others better, and yet I too got stuck in fear for too many years with too many consequences. All of life is a growing experience. I certainly have grown past my fear through this wonderful oral health process.

How are you rolling forward with your oral health? Need some help? Want to know how – contact me for a healthy mouth for a healthy body protocol!

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