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Tooth Fairy Day, Let’s Fairy-Up

National Tooth Fairy Day

What fun. We actually have a National Tooth Fairy Day. Kids make me smile so I had to indulge. Their smiles matter…

What parent doesn’t want to see this kind of delightful milestone in their child? It can be a fun time. Filled with giggles and awkwardness and great pictures.

Childhood obviously is a perfect time to instill good habits that will affect their future health. Yahhh right says the parent of a willful child!!! I know, had a couple of my own.

Tooth Fairy Treats

Losing teeth during childhood can be really fun. We can lavish treats on our children for the milestones and have fun with tooth fairy magic through treats that have nothing to do with processed sugar — the one thing that will guarantee poor health (if in excess).

Even dentists are starting to get the hang of this concept. Rewarding a child with processed sugar is not logical or good for the child. I know, it makes them smile.

So find another way to make them smile. There are tons of ways. There is a whole universe filled with rewards for a child who lost a tooth. Fairy-up and find what works for your child and your family.

Why Is Oral Health So Important?

Oral health is directly linked to heart health. Heart disease is our number one killer.

As a young parent, I will admit, I never once had the thought that my young children’s oral health mattered THAT much.

Now that the science is out there, let’s fairy-up and make some simple adjustments.

What Can We Do?

A simple thing like toothpaste is a big deal for oral health. Most brands contain ingredients that are harmful to your child’s health, believe it or not!!! EWG is a great resource in finding brand names products for better health.

Keep it easy – if you cannot pronounce an ingredient, it is not safe to use, especially on a child.

  • EWG for kids toothpaste – look on the RIGHT side for the scores – scroll through the pages to get the best scored brands of kids toothpaste – as you will see, there are not good options

Another option is to make your own. Your kids might even enjoy helping making it.

Orange Flavor Toothpaste Recipe…

IF your child will do it, you can replace the clay with baking soda.

Mix in a glass bowl (not metal) and use rubber or wood spoon to mix well . Transfer to a glass jar or kid-friendly plastic toothpaste tube.

Oral health is one of the best ways to keep smiling from early childhood. The better we take care of our children’s oral health, the better their general health will be, today and tomorrow.

Enjoy your precious children.

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