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Dancing In The Rain

Blue-mind, dancing in the rain while chronically ill.

Do you feel like you are in a desert, with no rain and all alone in chronic illness? What would it take to celebrate? Rain!!! Okay, so this picture is just a mirage but I really did find some serious dancing kangaroos. As in real kangaroos and real rain. They were clearly celebrating (look below for the real picture). In light of the recent fires in Australia, there is even more significance to the photo. It won awards! You will be able to feel the rain as you view it.

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This is more than a Health Coach Training

Eating psychology, changing eating approaches

The science is in. Diet and exercise alone are NOT the magic ticket to weight loss. Eating Psychology is changing how we think about food & body. Learn more about a better approach to food and movement.

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Check out this Unique Training

psychology of eating, we need more than "eat this or that"

The old approach to dieting isn’t working. Health coaching needs a makeover. We need more than eat this, not that. That’s what makes this Training stand apart from the rest. A Mind Body Eating Coach helps clients rethink food in an empowering way. I don’t want you to miss the opportunity to attend the free online workshop.

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