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Watermelon Blue-Mind, Floating Out of Stress

watermelon blue-mind

Sticky fun watermelon in the pool just might be the way to go. By using water we can calm our minds and help clean up the stickiness of getting through a hot summer. During chronic illness, summertime heat can become tiresome. Stick your toes into a blue pool and be cool!!

I know, there is nothing “cool” about being chronically ill.

So stick your toes in some water and cool off. Calm your mind as you swish your toes. Feel the slowing motions from the water.

Then grab a watermelon and slowly eat while you are in the pool.

Watermelon is more water than anything else. It hydrates your body and washes toxins out. Picture that movement through your body.

Forget about the sticky dribbles, they will get washed away along with some of the stress of illness as you feel the motion of the water.

Float your illness stresses away. Even if it is only for this moment in time. Take a break from the stressors of illness…

Just try.

By using water to help us relax, we can calm our minds which calm our bodies. As our bodies move into a parasympathetic state, we are more likely to heal.

Having trouble relaxing??? Take a kid with you.

True Blue-Mind Story

Recently I had a friend tell me about her weekend adventure in a pool. Usually, she is in bed with chronic illness and uses a wheelchair or cane to get around when she is out of bed.

Well, last weekend she went to family event that included a pool. Everyone cheered her on and she finally agreed to try to get in the pool. Husband and another each took a side and slowly walked her in the pool.

Well, that was just the beginning. Once the pool water made her buoyant, they assumed she would be okay.

Well, her legs decided to float. Through all the giggles, others came to the rescue and kept pushing down her legs so that she would not tip backward.

Her young grandson played and floated with her in the pool for a while bringing extra joy to the situation.

As she told me the story, I think I got as many giggles as they all did over the weekend in the pool.

Just picturing her ill body that she has so little control over, I know the incredible trust she had to place in others for her safety. She chose to trust and find joy at the moment. Days later as she recalled the story, I could still hear her “blue-mind” calmness from the water experience.

Encouragement is a huge big deal during chronic illness.

If you have others who encourage you, love on them back. If you don’t have encouragement, give it to yourself. I know it is not ideal to be alone and have to do it yourself, but do it!!! Speak kind thoughts about yourself. Love on yourself.

Blue Mind Movement

Join Dr. Jay Wallace at Blue Mind to understand and enjoy the emotional and physical benefits of water in our lives.

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