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Frozen Psychology

Frozen psychology, blue mind, rising above chronic illness

You know for a fact that we get stuck from time to time during chronic illness. We get stuck in physical and emotional realities that seem impossible to overcome. So how do we get unstuck? Some will actually take the frozen plunge into chilly waters, forcing a shock. Not me! But I have taken on the frozen psychology of cold showers to bust through some chronic illness struggles.

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Warming Your Heart for Valentine’s Day

Has chronic illness made your heart frozen? What to do for Valentine's Day during chronic illness.

I’m sick, I can’t be warm and cuddly for Valentine’s Day. I’m chronically ill, it has worn me thin so I have nothing left to give. I don’t have anyone to warm my heart for, why bother? I know, Valentine’s Day can be a stinger while we are chronically ill. While dealing with the endless illness battles and disappointments our hearts can become frozen and lifeless. That’s why anyone who is ill may need a little lovin’ warming up…

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Dancing In The Rain

Blue-mind, dancing in the rain while chronically ill.

Do you feel like you are in a desert, with no rain and all alone in chronic illness? What would it take to celebrate? Rain!!! Okay, so this picture is just a mirage but I really did find some serious dancing kangaroos. As in real kangaroos and real rain. They were clearly celebrating (look below for the real picture). In light of the recent fires in Australia, there is even more significance to the photo. It won awards! You will be able to feel the rain as you view it.

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It’s Cold Outside Baby, Persevering Illness In Winter Season

it's cold outside baby, preserving illness in winter

Winter is just a season, it comes and a few months later it goes. Chronic illness can be like a winter season in our lives, not a permanent condition. So… when will chronic illness GO? Most of you are done with it! Over it! Ready to get back to life!!! Persevering through illness is really not much different than the winter season we see outside. Put on your winter coat and walk this out with me…

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Love Note to Self In Moments of Victory

love note to self - remembering the victories of chronic illness

When you are in the joy of victory, take a moment to write yourself a love note. When we have moments of victory during chronic illness, we can use that for days to come when it is not so glorious. Chronic illness is not one big victory, it tons of smaller ones. The victories are hard to remember when we are in the really bad days (or weeks, even months or years) of illness. Love notes to ourselves is a beautiful way to remember, to feel the hope of past victories to help us keep walking through some of the darker days.

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Nowhere is One of My Favorite Places During Chronically Illness

If nowhere is good enough for Winnie-The-Pooh, it is good enough for the chronically ill. Have you ever let your mind wander and rest in never-never-land? Interesting things can happen while in nowhere land. Christopher Robin and Pooh can help us find great comfort while we are on our unique wellness path.

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Flying Above the Impossibilities, for the Bumblebee and the Chronically Ill

If a bumblebee can fly, so can the chronically ill.

Supposedly the bumblebee’s body size, shape, and weight make it impossible to fly. Being ignorant of those aeronautical facts, the bumblebee flies anyway. There is bumblebee wisdom in tuning out the rumble of the impossibility of flight. Let’s apply that wisdom to the chronically ill. The fortitude of flying above the circumstances, that appear impossible, allows us to focus on the possibilities. Let’s fly, no matter what…

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Cozy Up – Hygge

time to higgle, cozy up

You made it through Christmas Day!!! That is not an easy feat when one is chronically ill. Sure, the holiday might not have turned out as you expected but just maybe it turned out better. Maybe you found a comfy place inside yourself that said, “All is good” regardless of whatever. Let’s celebrate the victory, no matter how it turned out. It is a victory simply because it is the day after and you are still here, still making your way through the wellness journey. Let’s cozy up and enjoy it.

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Feeling the Chill of Winter During Illness

feeling the chill of winter during illness

Chronic illness has a way of intensifying winter. The cold harsh reality of a broken body and broken relationships can wear as thin as a windbreaker in a roaring blizzard. Finding warmth, joy and wholeness is a challenge during a numbness that never seems to thaw. The chill of winter reminds us to “chill” in the numbness. Even snowmen eventually thaw.

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Realistic Gratitude for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Chronic illness and sincere gratitude, hmm, not so easy. We all know the “right” things we “should” say and think to show we are above the circumstances, but dang!! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I don’t want to simply say the “right” things, I want to be realistic and have gratitude with sincerity. It sounds like a tall order but I can do it…

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