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The whole world is still in your hands during illness

We live on a planet with more places to visit and live than we could ever get to in a whole lifetime. It is almost limitless. Visiting different geographical locations helps to change our perspective. It is also healthy to explore far beyond our house and beyond our home cities. Great, now how in this big world does one figure out how to get past the front door when you have chronic illness and pain and there is no physical way to get anywhere past the four walls of your own home? No matter how big your house is, there is only so much you can take of it when you are looking at the same four walls year after year. There is always a way to explore and get out of our own four walls. Be adventuresome and explore the possibilities.

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Energy of Hopelessness

“Life is happening to me and there is nothing I can do about it. Life is not on my side. I did not ask to get sick and I have no control over this situation. No one understands, no one truly helps, nobody cares. How did this happen to me, this is devastating, I am stuck with this poor health.”

Been there done that. You will never hear judgment from me on that kind of thinking. Having chronic illness, pain and isolation was by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my lifetime. It stinks, no getting around it. So, I get it, but these thoughts keep us sicker than we need to be, they keep us in a state of hopelessness which feeds the illness.

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Overflow to a Negative Friend

We have all had friends that are negative and suck the life out of us. We have had to learn how to deal with them and our own limitations. There are times when we don’t answer their phone calls just to avoid the drama. There are times when we are so depleted ourselves that there is nothing left to give much less to someone who will always take more than their share. Yet what do you do when they are a true friend and you really do want to show support and love instead of turning your back?

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Create Your Own path

One small cherry pit can create stimulating wonders like this cherry blossom path full of beauty and sweet scents. Our lives can look the same when we believe we have the ability to flourish. Believing in ourselves creates a desire to walk down the path of life in the fullest sense. What does one do when you do not believe in yourself? How do you create that path? How can you get from where you are to a full flourishing life?

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Grow Strong and Reach the Stars

The mighty oak tree shows us what a little acorn, water and sunshine along with some fertilizer can produce. Have you noticed an oak tree recently? Have you noticed now tall they can get? How mighty and majestic they are? Have you ever tried to hug a hundred-year-old oak tree? The breadth and beauty of it is a reminder of the magnitude life can have, from fertilizer of all things.

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Hang in there – Never, never give up.

Baby boy clothes hanging on the clothesline.

No matter how bad it appears, there is hope, even when we are having trouble seeing it. Winston Churchill said it best during one of our world’s greatest travesties.

“Never Give In, Never, Never, Never.” ~ Winston Churchill 1941

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Scent of life


Can you smell this from where you are? Smell is one of our senses which can transport us back in time with memories, both good and bad. Scent, on the other hand, is a distinct smell, especially one that is pleasant. I like the pleasant things in life so that is where I am going with my roses. Lately, I have used fresh-cut roses to bring my sniffer back to life. In an attempt to more fully embody I am working on my senses to see where it takes me. Roses seemed to be a logical place to go on this adventure.

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Rainbow Miracles


Rainbows are a reminder of hope, colorful beautiful hope. Have you ever tried to touch a rainbow? I have, it does not work. As you walk closer to a rainbow it gets harder to see, our perspective of it changes. My connection with rainbows are more meaningful from afar. They stop me in my tracks to take it all in and enjoy the moment. Whatever the problems, they seem to get smaller and are covered by the glorious colors of hope. There are scientific reasons why rainbows appear when and where they do but have you ever noticed that they show up at interesting times in our lives?

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