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Warming Your Heart for Valentine’s Day

Has chronic illness made your heart frozen? What to do for Valentine's Day during chronic illness.

I’m sick, I can’t be warm and cuddly for Valentine’s Day. I’m chronically ill, it has worn me thin so I have nothing left to give. I don’t have anyone to warm my heart for, why bother? I know, Valentine’s Day can be a stinger while we are chronically ill. While dealing with the endless illness battles and disappointments our hearts can become frozen and lifeless. That’s why anyone who is ill may need a little lovin’ warming up…

Come on, I know it is difficult during crazy long illness. Let’s see what we can find to make Valentine’s Day just a little better this year.

Dr. Jay Davidson is one of my two all time favorite docs. He has lived through the intensity of chronic illness with his wife Heather. You probably know him as “The Lyme Doc.” He is the one who gives us the Lyme Summits every year.

Recently Dr. Jay shared this interview with Dr. Joel Wade which is all about relationships during chronic illness. They cover mindset and relationship tips during illness. It also has a very fun twist to it, playfulness and curiosity.

As we are approaching Valentines Day, we can be mindful of our outlook on relationships. Whether we are alone and isolated or we are in a healthy loving relationship, being mindful while we are ill is essential to our wellness.

If you are alone and isolated and ready to scream, my heart goes out to you. I have been there during intense chronic illness and deep isolation. We can love on ourselves for Valentine’s Day!! Prepare your heart, even in stinky circumstances, to love on yourself.

This is a fun an uplifting interview. I hope you enjoy…

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