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Flying Above the Impossibilities, for the Bumblebee and the Chronically Ill

If a bumblebee can fly, so can the chronically ill.

Supposedly the bumblebee’s body size, shape, and weight make it impossible to fly. Being ignorant of those aeronautical facts, the bumblebee flies anyway. There is bumblebee wisdom in tuning out the rumble of the impossibility of flight. Let’s apply that wisdom to the chronically ill. The fortitude of flying above the circumstances, that appear impossible, allows us to focus on the possibilities. Let’s fly, no matter what…

Okay, so the bumblebee really can fly and it is only a myth that they are aeronautically incapable. Just because there is a myth out there does not make it a truth. The bumblebee was not created to be a mishap. They were created to fly, in their own unique way.

While being chronically ill, we can feel like a mishap. Like we were not created to fly. Like we will crash and burn if we dare to fly and rise above the difficult circumstances of illness.

There certainly are plenty of naysayers letting us know that we were not created to be aeronautically correct. That is simply a myth. We actually were created to fly!!!

Created to Fly with Self-Healing Body

The human body was created to be self-healing when given the support it needs.

Don’t believe me. Look at the liver…

The liver has the greatest regenerative capacity of any organ in the body. Liver regeneration has been recognized for many years, dating all the way back to Prometheus in ancient Greek mythology.

~ Mayo Clinic; Liver Regeneration

When we support the liver, it regenerates, it self-heals.

Same with the rest of the body. By supporting our organs, our systems, our wellbeing, we offer the body a path to self-heal and fly above the impossibilities of the naysayers.

Think about trauma. When we are given a safe and nurturing environment, we can heal from trauma. It does not have to be a permanent detriment to our wellbeing.

Sure, we may appear and feel clumsy trying to fly, just like the bumblebee. After years of chronic illness, we will wobble at take-off. Our wings won’t feel like they can hold our bulky bodies. So what!!!! Let’s fly anyway, simply because we can. We can truly recover from chronic illness, no matter what the common myth is out there.

Fly with Enthusiasm

We are going to raise ourselves above the myths and we are going to fly!!

Okay, I know, not that easy. Grab some enthusiasm and give it a try.

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Getting an attitude of fortitude gets us out of ourselves. It allows us to see the possibilities and ignore the impossibilities that others try to keep us bogged down with – unable to fly.

What do YOU believe?

Getting the Fruit of Wellness

When we believe in the possibilities of wellness we start to live in the fruit of wellness, the rewards of it.

Our minds are a mighty engine, allowing us to take off and fly above the circumstances of chronic illness.

Enjoy the Beauty of Bumblebees

If a bumblebee can fly, so can you. Need encouragement, watch the beauty of the bumblebee…

This 5-minute video has some beautiful photography…

This 2-minute video is from BBC Earth…

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