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Getting Over Babesia, Lyme Co-infection

Babesiosis = babesia, Lyme co-infection

Babesia is one of several nasty Lyme co-infections. For me, it was the most miserable of the Lyme co-infections. Since early childhood, there have been very few years that it has not bothered me. I am celebrating getting over the worse of it. Having “cool” parties because I can now feel cooler temperatures and desire the warmth of things like steaming tea.

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Turning Cake Upside Down – Part 2

I made it!!! I not only survived, but I also conquered. It always amazes me how much we can get done when we pace ourselves. Being chronically ill certainly has its limitations but when we use our common sense we can work around the impossible. I am having an “I am possible” day. Get it, I’mPossible = impossible. Yep, I tell awful jokes when I am floating in a victory. Continue reading Turning Cake Upside Down – Part 2

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Enough Headaches Already!

It is a rare human that does not have an occasional headache.  Bad headaches have been a part of my entire life. This last three weeks I have had one long headache with spikes of pain that sent me to my knees. It feels like I have lost 3 weeks of my life. I logically know that I have not but it sure feels like I have accomplished absolutely nothing for 3 full weeks. Now that I am starting to come out of the headache I am starting to look back on this time frame and determine what actually did occur besides pain. There just has to be something positive I can declare from the last 3 weeks.

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