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Give Yourself Time to Heal

Give Yourself Time to Heal

We are all in such a rush to create change in everything, especially our health. Makes sense. We all want to feel better and have a more vibrant life now. It takes time and patience. I know, not popular words but the people who allow for true transformation give it the time it needs. Want to see some wellness results fast, do some basics and you will catapult yourself into the motivation to give yourself time for a lasting transformation.

Wellness journeys are like watching the metamorphosis of a slug to a butterfly. Each stage has results to give us the motivation to keep going. The slug wiggles out of its restricting suffocating shell. It sees light and hope and keeps working through the process.

Why would we think that wellness should be instant? I know I wanted more results faster. The harder I tried to make it go faster, the more I slowed my healing down. I see the exact same thing with the clients I work with. We are all in such a hurry to get past the aches and pains of illness. We all want our lives back yesterday! I get it.

When we can give ourselves time to do the healing process in layers, it sticks!! We can actually come out the other end ready to fly with our unique colors that make us shine with vibrant health and wellness.

Be patient with yourselves. Be patient with your friends, family and co-workers as they go through a wellness journey. Love on yourself and others to help the process along.

Want to see some wellness results fast, do the basics. Are you drinking pure water, are you eliminating, are you getting to bed at a decent hour and are you eating food that nourishes your body? Are you nourishing your soul with prayer, meditation, friends, family and nature? Do the basics and the healing layers are easier to move through.

Give yourself time for an amazing wellness transformation and you will fly!!

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