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2020 Favor Over 2021 Fears

Happy New Year

No doubt, 2020 has been a year like no other in history, in many ways. We have seen loss and challenges and there have been struggles. But what about the favor that was there? What are the good things that we can identify from 2020 that will help us see that the fears of 2021 can be overcome? Seeing the 2020 favor helps us see the possibilities for 2021 without letting fear rule us. I found this empowering.

Human nature seems to resort to the negative. Sure, there was plenty of negative in 2020. Hopefully, I never minimize the loss of so many globally and in your families. The loss has been felt.

When we focus on the loss and the negative, we get stuck in it and we can’t even see the good that has come of such an intense year globally. Let’s look at the favor we can find in the year so that we can move past our fears for 2021.

You may ask what “favor” is. I know it is no longer a common word amongst common people. Don’t be common, rise above!!

Favor Defined

Favor as a noun = approval, support, or liking for someone or something, an act of kindness beyond what is due

Favor as a verb = feel or show approval or preference for, give something (oblige, accommodate, satisfy, gratify, humor)

Whew, that can easily NOT describe 2020. But I actually took notice of what I could find that truly is “favor” in 2020. Nothing is ALL bad.

2020 Favor is Found

Favor is found when we look…

  • Many people had the time to focus on their health.
  • Untold amounts of people learned what the immune system is for the first time.
  • Many people learned how to cook.
  • Many people got to take long soothing bubble baths.
  • Many people who needed more time at home got it.
  • Many people who needed to transition to a virtual job got it.
  • Many children got to see and bond with their parents more.
  • Many parents got to dig into schoolwork with their kids.
  • Many parents got to see their children’s first steps or listen to a teenager who didn’t have time before.
  • Many people reprioritized how they spend money.
  • Many people learned how to slow down, take deep breaths, eat at a table instead of on the run.
  • Many people got to have a moment to themselves and self-reflect for the first time in their lives.
  • Many people were able to grow spiritually from the fear of the unknown that they have no control over.
  • Many people considered a higher power for the first time.- Many people learned how to stock up on T.P. and water.
  • Many people for the first time used an on-line video platform for communication.
  • Everyone got the opportunity to choose how they would view and react to 2020.
  • We all got to practice patience a bit more than usual.
  • Many people learned how to conquer isolation and find a friend in themselves and others living under their roof.

2021 Fears

When I look back at the favor of 2020, I do not fear 2021 as much. I can clearly see that during a wildly intense year there was so much unexpected favor that the same can hold true for 2021. Since it is easier to see things in retrospect, I like looking backwards at 2020 and find the good, the favor. When I so clearly see it for 2020, I can see and expect great hope for 2021.

I choose to be open for whatever, whoever, wherever 2021 brings to me personally and for my global community. I can already guarantee that I cannot predict ANYTHING at this point, except the vision of hope.

I am committed to NOT getting sucked in by fear, but overcoming by the favor that is shown to me and others. I choose to set the stage of favor for the year, arms wide open to all the favor that can come upon us all.

What is your New Year’s vision?

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