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2021 Schedule Penciled In

pencil-in life for 2021

Back when we used paper and pencil for our calendars, we used a pencil to schedule in the unknown and a pen to schedule in the concrete plans. If I learned nothing else from 2020, I learned to create my entire 2021 calendar in pencil. 2020 has clearly reminded us that we are not in control of everything. Are you or have you been chronically ill? You are very familiar with this concept of life getting turned upside down. I personally am tired of hanging upside down by a thread. I have a better plan for 2021, pencil-in life!! It creates an open mindset for the unknown adventure to come.

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New Year, New View

new year, new view

Every January I am reminded that I get a new chance, kind of like a reset button on my views. We need a lot of new chances because being so ill for so long is such a bizarre experience. You know what it is like, we can easily get lost in the trees and not see the forest. The beginning of each year is like getting to pull all the chaos of chronic illness into meaningful movement. Come on, let’s find the light of hope and move through the trees of chronic illness…

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