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Subconscious Cleansing Through Nightmares

Subconscious cleanse - detox trauma

While you are sleeping, your subconscious is detoxing and preparing you for the next day. Sleep is cleaning up your mind, brain and body. This mechanism is built in to clean up the imbalances that threatens your wellness. Toxic thoughts or events need to be processed. Our subconscious can work on the things that our conscious mind cannot handle yet. Nightmares and terrors can activate what needs to be detoxed. The subconscious mind will “sweep” the most toxic thoughts first, while asleep. Then the conscious mind, while awake, can process the info and get the toxic thoughts out of your body. Instead of “interpreting dreams,” try “detoxing through the subconscious.”

We all have at one time or another “swept something under the rug” instead of dealing with it. The dirt is still under the rug and we usually just try to forget about it. Over time, the dirt pile keeps growing and we start to trip over the rug. It is now time to clean up the dirt pile! It has become a priority but we no longer even remember all the details of all the dirt. Our subconsious remembers what is important, what needs to be processed before it can be swept outside.

On a physical level the body is regenerating during sleep. On a mental level, during sleep, your brain is finding any imbalance and activating the clean up process. The sleeptime sweeping is busy cleaning up the messy stuff of the prior day or the past. Nightmares will reveal the highest priority of what needs to be dealt with.

The discomfort of the nightmare is helping you to clean up unprocessed things in your life. Deal with it, process the information so that you can detox it out of your body and live a more peaceful life!!

After a nightmare, note what is triggering it. What is your messy mind trying to get you to process? Nightmares are a clue to what is unprocessed, not yet embraced in your life. When you have recurring nightmares, your mind is trying to get your attention to process an event, a strong emotion, trauma.

Once you noticie it, you can process the information. Remember, we are humans not robots. This can take some time and some tears. Some people have repressed trauma that needs healing. The details might never get revealed but the body and mind can process the event so that you can move forward with your life with more ease and peace.

GOAL – do not become obsessed with figuring out every detail of dreams and nightmares, that is missing the whole point. Instead, use nightmares to declare that you are ready to deal with whatever the issue is and then deal with it!! If you want more details, Dr. Caroline Leaf has tremendous insight into subconscious detoxing as a neuro-scientist.

What does this have to do with the Amazing Protocol?

While you are detoxing your body with the Amazing Protocol you might as well detox your mind. Cleaning up the mind makes it easier for the body to let go of toxins.

My clients who are willing to do the mind and emotional work get so much more out of the protocol.

Give it a try. I can show you how to keep it gentle and doable.

Maribeth Baxter, CLS (Certified Lyme Specialist)

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