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Whiten Teeth Using Charcoal

whiten teeth using charcoal

Getting messy to clean things up!! Charcoal has got to be one of the messiest things ever but it sure does the job to whiten up teeth and help clean up oral health. Besides all the health benefits, oil pulling and charcoal can whiten our teeth. Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? Who doesn’t want better health?

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Dandelion Salad, More Than A Weed More Than A Salad

dandelion salad, more than a weed, more than a salad

What is one man’s weed, is another’s nourishment. Dandelions are good for you all the way from their brilliant yellow tips through their deep green leaves and down to the tips of their roots. And us silly humans treat this nutrient-dense wonder as a weed…

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Everything Is Figureoutable

Really and truly, everything really and truly is figure-out-able. If you have ever had a chronic illness (or ten at the same time), you have figured out that we have to figure it out. Sitting around waiting for the Figure-It-Out-Fairy never works. And the Figure-It-Out-POLICE cannot stop us, how fun is THAT???

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