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Dandelion Salad, More Than A Weed More Than A Salad

dandelion salad, more than a weed, more than a salad

What is one man’s weed, is another’s nourishment. Dandelions are good for you all the way from their brilliant yellow tips through their deep green leaves and down to the tips of their roots. And us silly humans treat this nutrient-dense wonder as a weed…

SERIES – Color of Life, Using Black & White Senses

Dandelion Flowers

The brilliant yellow dandelion flower contains compounds with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The below studies are on dandelion flower extracts, not the fresh dandelion flower. Yet, the fresh dandelion flower is an edible beautiful and fun addition to salads or a garnish to any meal.

Dandelion Greens

Cut up some dandelion greens and add them to any salad. They have a hardy taste, like arugula. Using bitter greens for better health!!!!

We now can find fresh dandelion greens in health food and specialty stores. Also check your local farmer’s markets. They are crazy expensive though, so you might want to try your hand at picking your own.

Dandelion Roots

Usually, the dandelion root is made into a tea. It is NOT to be consumed daily for long periods of time.

Dandelion Plant

There is a caution to the dandelion plant, you don’t want to eat it every single day. Or for that matter, drink it as a tea daily. Listen to your body and use your common sense.

It usually increases urination after consumption. That is a good thing, but like everything, you don’t want to overdo it, too hard on the kidneys/liver.

Dig Deeper, Learn More

Before going out and picking a dandelion to eat, know your chemicals.

Nature gives us the food we need and we turn around and pour round-up on it, one of the most toxic chemicals ever. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, is designed to be toxic to plants, so let’s use our common sense and realize how toxic it is to humans.

Dig up your dandelions and eat them, don’t spray them with roundup.

Know What You Are Doing

Be cautious when picking wild weeds…

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