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When To Push Hard During Chronic Illness

When is the time to push through?

Rarely will I be the one to say that we should push hard, push through, battle, or war, especially during chronic illness. That is too much stress on our physical bodies, too much emotional stress and not enough self-care and it actually sets us back. Yet, there are exceptions when pushing hard through a illness situation can lead us right down the healing path. Last week I had one of those push-through and push-dang-hard weeks that broke some all-time lingering health barriers.

ECO Workshop

Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts presented a 2 1/2 day workshop for their practitioners, which I am one.

ECO = Exponential Clinical Outcomes. Which means — a clear roadmap to health using natural products that actually work!!!

I have actively used their roadmap, their products, and I am already 150% better. After having Lyme for 50 years, heart condition for 50 years, Babesia, Bartonella, Hashimottos, 100% blocked ascending aorta, black mold exposure in home, and the list goes on…. The point is, THIS is what got the chaos turned around.

The roadmap was necessary instead of throwing bottles of supplements at every symptom and chasing every natural procedure out there. Not only had I already done that for years, it was not getting me out of the chaos. Many of my prior efforts were tiny baby steps to improving bits and pieces of the puzzle but it never put the puzzle together.

It took the roadmap and the most incredible supplements I have ever found to move carefully and methodically through the process.

Now, does’t that make more sense than random hit and miss efforts?

There are so many good things out there to do to improve our health but when there is a clear roadmap with the exact tools necessary to progress through it, this whole process is not as complicated as we make it out to be with out hit and miss efforts.

Pushing Hard

Back to the discussion of choosing the right moments to push hard when one is chronically ill.

Like I said, I am at least 150% better than I was. After being on CellCore’s protocol, I am not only alive but I am actively improving and functioning better and better each month.

So far, I have had to be still, be calm, at all times. I am not good at that so it has taken practice. I have had to literally sit on my hands (and lips) to be quiet, be still, heal gently.

As many of you know, I carry on health coaching activities but I am calm and peaceful during our conversations. I have finally learned how to get some work done and remain very calm for my health — and yours!!!

Then came along the ECO Workshop given by Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts and their scientists. Do you really think I would miss out on that opportunity, heck no!!

But it was bigger than life to think that I could drive from Texas to Boise, Idaho by myself and deal with the whole situation with my remaining health issues.

There are times that it is necessary to push through something that seems impossible. I knew the experience would be good for me. I knew that I have finally learned my limits and I actively take care of my physical needs. So I gave it a go!!

Some Anxiety, No Expectations

There was some anxiety but there were no expectations. That was the key.

For my physical well-being, I had to be cautious, have that little twinge of constant awareness of my health. It kept me alert to my needs at all times.

But I let go of all expectations, seriously. Without expectations, I could measure how much I could push and when it was time to be still and rest and try this trip again.

I was prepared for the worse but expected the best (however that ended up looking).

It took me a couple days to pack up my car because I would get so tired from the movement and lifting. Without unrealistic expectations — I could accept at any moment that I would have to abandon the idea of the trip.

My first day driving was fun and exciting and very tiring. Grand adventure to finally be able to attempt this. Without unrealistic expectations — I had prepared a “bed” in the backseat so that if/when my heart started giving me trouble, I could pull over and lay flat on my back to relieve the heart issue. I used it BEFORE it became a crisis so that I did not end up in a dangerous situation.

The second day was the hardest of the whole trip. It was a 9 hour driving day and it was way beyond what my body deems sensible. I had unrealistic expectations on that day. Just because day 1 went so well did not mean I could push beyond my limits the next day. But I did, so I had to recover.

Without any expectations, I was willing to accept that at any moment of the trip I would have to turn around and go home. And turn around with a good attitude! Whew, that would have been hard but I was prepared in case I truly could not push-through this situation.

By staying alert to my health needs but removing expectations, I was prepared for whatever unfolded and willing to accept it.

Each day had its own obstacles, hurdles and adventures. By removing expectations, I was open to the unexpected victories of the trip. I never expected 100% healing from such an experience but I ended up with more answers to my health issues than ever expected. And more tools to help y’all than I can spit out fast enough!!!

Determination vs Expectations

I am part German, I think 1/4. Germans are a determined stubborn bullheaded people. That actually can be a quality and not a hinderance when used in the right way.

Okay, so that determined stubborn bullheadedness has gotten in my way at times, whew!!

I am learning. This health journey has taught me about using what I have for my good, not to create more obstacles.

I have learned that I can thrive because I am such a determined person but when I remove expectations I can actually do super-human things, like this trip.

My determination and bullheadedness can help me to move safely through these limited times of pushing-through health barriers so that I can get to the next level of health.

If I did not have such a stubborn will about me, I might not do the push-through moments. I am learning to embrace these qualities instead of viewing them as a hinderance.

I just need to use them as qualities. By removing expectations I am able to know when to be bullheaded and push and run with the rolling moment!!

I will keep writing about this trip, about this event with Dr. Jay Davidson and Dr. Todd Watts. It matters because if I can do it — YOU can do it.

Roadmap — CellCore has slightly changed this so when I recover from my trip I will be revising this on my website and bring it to your attention.

CellCore Protocol — The supplements that WORK. Worth every penny because of their effectiveness.

AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE:  In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself. If it is not good enough for me, it certainly is not good enough for you!!

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