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When To Push Hard During Chronic Illness

When is the time to push through?

Rarely will I be the one to say that we should push hard, push through, battle, or war, especially during chronic illness. That is too much stress on our physical bodies, too much emotional stress and not enough self-care and it actually sets us back. Yet, there are exceptions when pushing hard through a illness situation can lead us right down the healing path. Last week I had one of those push-through and push-dang-hard weeks that broke some all-time lingering health barriers.

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Viral and Retoviral ​Summit, Now Playing

viral and retroviral

The Viral & Retroviral Summit started today! Because the number of viral and retroviral pathogens in our environment are difficult to avoid, join our experts to learn about prevention, treatment and reduction of symptoms! Learn with me today online for free!

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