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There is a Time For Quiet

Our modern culture is usually filled with activity and noise. Do we know how to sit in quiet? I mean no noise except what naturally occurs around us. Can we do it? What could possibly be the benefit of quiet when the world culture has become so loud? Continue reading There is a Time For Quiet

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Do You Believe You Can Get Better?

Our belief system plays a significant role in your health, simple as that. If you do not believe you can get better, chances are, you won’t. I personally believed that I could get better, even when I was on death’s bed and whahooo am I getting better!! While I am busy as a beaver making changes in my lifestyle and treating disease, I have a solid understanding that my belief system plays the highest role in all of it. Do you believe? Does it matter if you believe you can get better? Continue reading Do You Believe You Can Get Better?

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HIP Openers, or was that Hip OPENERS

Nothing HIP about me and I know it and I am cool with it. But I did open an email that said, “Hip Openers.” With my all-knowing knowledge that I am not HIP, I was thinking I would get some HIP openers to keep your attention. Not quite the way it turned out. My expectations today did not meet reality, not even close. I did find some good Hip OPENERS though… Continue reading HIP Openers, or was that Hip OPENERS

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Turning Cake Upside Down – Part 2

I made it!!! I not only survived, but I also conquered. It always amazes me how much we can get done when we pace ourselves. Being chronically ill certainly has its limitations but when we use our common sense we can work around the impossible. I am having an “I am possible” day. Get it, I’mPossible = impossible. Yep, I tell awful jokes when I am floating in a victory. Continue reading Turning Cake Upside Down – Part 2

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Taking Breaks Lowers Stress, Creating Healing Environment

Time for a break to lower my stress that will create a healing environment. I have been too busy the last couple weeks trying to get several things done now that I am officially feeling better. Sometimes a break allows to not get ahead of ourselves. Continue reading Taking Breaks Lowers Stress, Creating Healing Environment

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Perspective Troubleshooting

Do you wonder if you will EVER get back to where you use to be? All you want is your “life” back?? Are you still drowning in the chronic illness dump? No getting around it, chronic illness stinks. When we put it into perspective, it can take on an interesting view. Arranging the perspective lets us see hope and hope gives us a little gitty-up to get through today.  Continue reading Perspective Troubleshooting

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Stretch Don’t​ Stress

Life is filled with stress. Chronic illness brings tons of additional stress. Our own thinking is even stress-filled. It is everywhere and we cannot run away from it. We can build healthy boundaries and limits to help protect ourselves but it still does not make us immune to stress. So how are we supposed to grow and learn and flourish into who we are meant to be without stress in our lives? Continue reading Stretch Don’t​ Stress

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Slow Sundays – Christmas Eve

This particular Sunday is Christmas Eve. Slowing down for Christmas Eve just does not sound reasonable. As we work our way through chronic illness, we just cannot go at full speed. What would happen if you strategically placed a chair in the midst of the excitement area and camped out? With all the hub-bub, no one might even notice how still you are. Continue reading Slow Sundays – Christmas Eve