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Wipe Out

Total and utter wipeout. You know what it feels like to wipe out. While you have had chronic illness, you have done this just as I have, too many times. There are days that the wipeout is wild.  How can we make it fun??? Well… this is how I do it…

No better way to get through something tough than laugh at yourself and find others to laugh with you.

Even during illness, we have to do things that are physically beyond our limits so that we can move our way through illness, into healing, and out the other end.

No doubt, a MAC truck wiped me out yesterday. I missed the license plate but I clearly felt the impact of the wipeout.

After a year on an air mattress, an opportunity provided itself for a real bed and you better believe I jumped on board. About a year ago I trashed all the beds in my home. I had lived in an apartment with black mold for a year. Then I moved back into my home with the same beds. The mold exposure contributed so severely to my heart failure and increased Lyme count that they finally had to go. Now that all of the mold issues in my home have been resolved and repeatedly tested, I now have a mold-free environment.

Time for a real bed!!

When someone stepped up and offered, I jumped for joy.

The increased comfort will bring better sleep which will calm my stress level which will decrease my cortisol which will lessen my inflammation which will increase my immune system which will lower my Lyme count and move me through this healing process better and faster. 

I will keep saying it. One thing has to do with another thing that ties together with another that keeps us ill. When we troubleshoot the complexity of the factors that keep us ill, we can work on them to move us through this instead of getting stuck in it.

There are days for pity parties because this truly is unfair, pitiful, miserable and beyond difficult. And there are days to laugh at it all because it is so outrageous.

Last night I had to choose to crash. Today I choose to laugh.

I will recover from the wipeout faster because I found a way to laugh at it today.

Enjoy the FREE Wipe Out song by Surfais, then make sure you catch the Beach Boys Surfin USA. Both make me smile, laugh at myself and lighten the load of today’s chronic illness adventure.

I have done the wipeout scenario before. A year ago I wrote a quick blog about Wipe Out!! The pictures still make me laugh.

Find ways to entertain yourself when you are in the darkness of isolation. I think I am the funniest person I know. Certainly the funniest person during deep isolation. The goal is to like yourself, no matter what.

Hope you can laugh WITH me.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)


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