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Finding Root Causes of Inflammation when Chronically Ill

Most people with chronic illness have inflammation, whether it is as visible as mine is or not. For me, the inflammation creates a lot of my health issues. Wishing inflammation gone does not work. Throwing supplements at it can help but is not the complete answer. Finding out why the inflammation keeps coming back with a vengeance will lead me to the root cause that I can then work on. Time to troubleshoot this one again. Continue reading Finding Root Causes of Inflammation when Chronically Ill

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Slow Sundays – Christmas Eve

This particular Sunday is Christmas Eve. Slowing down for Christmas Eve just does not sound reasonable. As we work our way through chronic illness, we just cannot go at full speed. What would happen if you strategically placed a chair in the midst of the excitement area and camped out? With all the hub-bub, no one might even notice how still you are. Continue reading Slow Sundays – Christmas Eve

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EAT Healthy Fats; EFA’s

Fats are crucial for human life and health. Healthy fats nourish the body, delight our taste buds and make us full and happy. As we eat the healthy essential fatty acids we build and strengthen our bodies. Know your healthy omega-3s and omega-6s and EAT with pure enjoyment. Real food tastes great. Healthy can actually be tasty.  Continue reading EAT Healthy Fats; EFA’s