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Taking Breaks Lowers Stress, Creating Healing Environment

Time for a break to lower my stress that will create a healing environment. I have been too busy the last couple weeks trying to get several things done now that I am officially feeling better. Sometimes a break allows to not get ahead of ourselves.

I know, when we finally feel a bit better we are ready to hit the ground running. How is that working out for us??? Well, I know for me that it knocks me over every time. I am so done with being ill that I am ready to go. My body tells me otherwise.

As I have been many rounds of this I have learned how to slow myself down when I am doing too much. My heart certainly is in the getting-on-with-life mode but my body does not keep up.

To make more progress, I practice the skill of catching myself before I crash. This does not need to be a big deal. We have all felt the crashes too many times while being chronically ill. To lessen the crashes, we just simply have to learn some more skills.

Today I am choosing to call a break. I have worked straight from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. and I am tickled that my body allowed me to do it. But I can feel that I am tired and I need to chill.

In the past, I have slowed down my own healing by pushing through when I needed to chill. Isn’t this chronic illness taking long enough to learn that lesson quicker????

This is so simple but us silly humans have a really difficult time with this.

See, I am having trouble to stop typing…. STOP it, Maribeth. Remember, I am your example for what NOT to do also. I have enjoyed your emails and comments you send my way. Sounds like y’all are laughing with me on the goofy stuff.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)


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