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There is a Time For Noise

Have you ever found yourself in a chronic illness stupor? Numb, thoughtless, maybe a bit lost in nothingness? I know I have, especially when the physical pain gets to me. Of all things, noise sometimes works to move me through it. Laughter is my favorite!!

We looked at a Time for Quiet, now it is time to look at noise. Opposites can do different things for us at different times. Sometimes simply trying something different shakes things up, wakes us up out of our chronic illness/pain trances.

We have all been there during the years of chronic illness and pain. The escape into never-never land in our minds can be a retreat for the weary.

During the years that the pain was more than I could bear, movies were my escape. I could get my mind to attempt to wander into something else. I remember that the pain was so intense that I would pass out during some movies and wake up having missed the whole plot.

Noise can help us escape when we need to. Noise can be a good thing at times.

What noise do you use to shake things up, retreat and escape?

Funny Portrait Of A Laughing Horse.

Laugh at Yourself if Nothing Else

Laughing is my favorite but is not readily had in my environment. So I laugh at myself a LOT.

You know, life gets beyond goofy while we are ill. We drop things, we forget too many things, we walk into walls because we cannot navigate properly, we just simply do some of the fruit-loopiest things ever. Might as well laugh, even when you are the only person in the room.

I found some funny videos that always make me laugh.

Happy Laughing Bearded Man In Glasses. Emotion Expression

Turn Up the Music

Music can also awaken us. Music To Spark Healing has some of the science, history and playing suggestions.

I can get so lost in my deafening quiet world of illness and isolation that music transports me back to reality. I am happier when I have music playing in the background.

Music actually has some healing properties, not just for the soul but for the body. When my body is stiff from the stress of pain and illness, I can find immediate relief through music.

There is a rhythm to music which can create an awareness of rhythms in our bodies, like breathing. I have noticed my breathing deepens and becomes more rhythmic when I am listening to music, of all kinds.

Rock-and-Roll has always been some of my favorite music to wake me up, get me moving out of illness trances.

Classical music played loudly affects my brain in a positive manner. It feels like it relieves some of the inflammation and calms me down.

“Third Day” is a group that I love playing loudly. It is a Christian group so I am not listening to trashy words. It is like rock-and-roll, sort of!!

There really is a time for loud music.


Sounds of Children

Usually, children are a bit louder than adults. When they are having fun, laughing and playing, it can be enjoyable to be in earshot of them. Sitting at a local park or going to the mall and listening from a bench can relieve some of our trances.

If you cannot get out of bed, watching a funny silly children’s movie can bring a sense of childhood smiles into your presence.

The fun thing is that when the children are not our own, we can walk away and get back into quiet when we choose to. The contrast of noise and quiet using children usually provokes different reactions. Whatever happens, the sounds of children will certainly change things up for you.

There are a thousand sounds that can awaken us out of our illness/pain trances that we can get into. I suggest you try different noises. Experiment with anything that you can to provoke a positive response.

Remember that a positive response might even leave you in tears. Sometimes a song, a giggle of a small child, or the wind blowing out the cobwebs can trigger memories or thoughts that need to be released with tears.

And sometimes noise of all kinds can provoke an unexpected smile or laugh.

It is all good. Simply shaking things up, doing opposite things like quiet vs noise can get us to a better place while we are dealing with chronic illness and pain, even if it only lasts for a moment.

Use noise for nourishment!!

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)


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