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Do You Believe You Can Get Better?

Our belief system plays a significant role in your health, simple as that. If you do not believe you can get better, chances are, you won’t. I personally believed that I could get better, even when I was on death’s bed and whahooo am I getting better!! While I am busy as a beaver making changes in my lifestyle and treating disease, I have a solid understanding that my belief system plays the highest role in all of it. Do you believe? Does it matter if you believe you can get better?

Simply checking in today to see if you believe you can get better. It is a simple question with great complexities.

The majority of people surprisingly do not believe they will ever get better. As shocking as that is to me, it is just as befuddling to them that I actually believe we all have an opportunity to improve our health.

How wide or narrow is your belief system surrounding health and recovery?

Let’s just keep it simple today. Simply come up with your own answer. Know where you stand on this, for today. As we grow, as we walk through chronic illness, our opinions can change.

Don’t stress about the answer!! When we stress, our body freaks out and has a harder time recovering from illness. So, no stress. Just have a thought about your belief system about recovering from illness.

Maribeth Baxter, MBNC (Certified Mind-Body Nourishment Coach)


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