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Learn How to Rest, You Already Know How to Push Through

The holidays create some push through. While we are chronically ill, everything takes more effort, creating more pushing to do the basic things, like holidays. Time to take a deep breath and rest. Do we even know how to rest? Our current culture has taught us how to push through everything. What are our resting skills? Continue reading Learn How to Rest, You Already Know How to Push Through

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There is a Time For Noise

Have you ever found yourself in a chronic illness stupor? Numb, thoughtless, maybe a bit lost in nothingness? I know I have, especially when the physical pain gets to me. Of all things, noise sometimes works to move me through it. Laughter is my favorite!! Continue reading There is a Time For Noise

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Music to Spark Healing

Are you so incredibly sick and so sick of being sick that you are stuck? Just plum stuck in the muck and hopeless? Not only have months passed but now years are passing and the muck of chronic illness keeps getting deeper and more depressing? At this point no pill or healthy food is solving much of anything? I mean so worn out and lost in the situation that there is not enough energy to take action to do anything, just plum worn out. Time to take NO action with something you don’t have to put any effort into. NO musical ability needed to take this action.  Continue reading Music to Spark Healing

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Vitamins E, F, G, H and Vit L

If you are not getting these vitamins into your diet you will not heal, simple as that. Not only do we need to consume these in large portions but we need to make sure our bodies are absorbing these specific vitamins so we can utilize them. These are the most cost effective vitamins you will ever find, anywhere. Continue reading Vitamins E, F, G, H and Vit L

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Showing Up For Ourselves

Layers and layers of struggles come with chronic illness. We may get so ill that we need the help of others and some will show up and some will not. We may need the insight of certain doctors or maybe the wisdom of people with natural approaches. They may or may not show up to help. When all is said and done, we have to show up for ourselves. During the journey of chronic illness, we get to watch ourselves rise above all odds and be there for ourselves in so many ways that we never imagined. Continue reading Showing Up For Ourselves

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Hand Write a Thank You

When was the last time you pulled out a paper and pen and hand wrote a thank you note? It does not happen much anymore. Through illness, we have many opportunities to be thankful for every little act of kindness that comes our way. It is an act of gratitude that can brighten your day as well as the recipients. Continue reading Hand Write a Thank You

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Cleopatra’s Inner Beauty

Chronic illness and pain have a way of allowing us to see the world through a different set of eyes, seeing far beyond surface beauty and the shallowness of misperceived notions. During the months and years of illness, use your time wisely and find what is truly important to you. Beauty can be seen from the inside out, through the art of claiming your inner glow, even during chronic illness. Let’s look at how we can gain that inner glow about us through Cleopatra’s example of truly being beautiful.

Continue reading Cleopatra’s Inner Beauty

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Sorrow and Gratitude

During my morning routine, I was reminded of an atrocity that needs reflection.

The reminder of this past atrocity brought a wave of deep sorrow for the 12 million who suffered through it and the impact for generations to come. It also brought me back around to immense gratitude for what I have in my life, putting it into much greater perspective. Showing honor and dignity to someone today might wipe away one tear from the past.

Honoring mankind, not just the past but the present is crucial so there is a future.

I hope you read Pirancafe’s post: Pompey Museum of Slavery Nassau – a 65-Second Visitors’ Notebook


Maribeth Baxter, MBEC

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Donations accepted to serve others on their chronic illness journey. Maribeth Baxter, MBEC provides voluntary certified health coaching services to the financially limited during their time of crisis.


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Planting a Tree for Future Generations

Have you ever planted a tree? I get great satisfaction and joy out of my yearly ritual. In my lifetime I will not see my efforts turn into a mighty oak tree but I know the potential for future generations. If I planted a fruit tree I would reap the benefits within a couple of years. If I planted a miniature Meyer lemon tree I would most likely have a lemon within a year or less. Taking into consideration my lack of a green thumb, I plant oak trees, they are easy to plant and sustain. Every year I see just a little growth and that cheers me on to keep on planting. Just like human growth, mighty ones grow a little at a time along their journey of life.

Continue reading Planting a Tree for Future Generations

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Hang in there – Never, never give up.

Baby boy clothes hanging on the clothesline.

No matter how bad it appears, there is hope, even when we are having trouble seeing it. Winston Churchill said it best during one of our world’s greatest travesties.

“Never Give In, Never, Never, Never.” ~ Winston Churchill 1941

Continue reading Hang in there – Never, never give up.