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Add Noise to Shake Up The Brain Rattle

Don’t you get tired of hearing your own thinking sometimes while you are ill? Shake up the brain rattle, the endless chatter in our heads with some noise. Make it fun, make it different. Turn up the volume and let’s see if we can get our self-chatter to step aside for some real noise.

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Music to Spark Healing

Are you so incredibly sick and so sick of being sick that you are stuck? Just plum stuck in the muck and hopeless? Not only have months passed but now years are passing and the muck of chronic illness keeps getting deeper and more depressing? At this point no pill or healthy food is solving much of anything? I mean so worn out and lost in the situation that there is not enough energy to take action to do anything, just plum worn out. Time to take NO action with something you don’t have to put any effort into. NO musical ability needed to take this action.  Continue reading Music to Spark Healing