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Planting a Tree for Future Generations

Have you ever planted a tree? I get great satisfaction and joy out of my yearly ritual. In my lifetime I will not see my efforts turn into a mighty oak tree but I know the potential for future generations. If I planted a fruit tree I would reap the benefits within a couple of years. If I planted a miniature Meyer lemon tree I would most likely have a lemon within a year or less. Taking into consideration my lack of a green thumb, I plant oak trees, they are easy to plant and sustain. Every year I see just a little growth and that cheers me on to keep on planting. Just like human growth, mighty ones grow a little at a time along their journey of life.

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Beauty of the Mighty Oak Tree

Look again. Spot the benches to put this into perspective. The trees and fountain are massive but until you grasp the benches you cannot see it. What else are we not able to see until we slow down and put it into perspective?

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